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ASH Honorific Awards

Ernest Beutler Lecture and Prize

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ASH is currently accepting nominations for the 2025 Honorific Awards until July 15, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time.

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Named for the late Dr. Ernest Beutler, a past president of ASH and physician-scientist for more than 50 years, this two-part lectureship is intended to recognize major translational advances related to a single topic. ASH presents this award to two individuals, one recognized for advancing basic science, and the other recognized for advancing translational research to make tangible improvements in patient care.

For this award, appropriate selection of both the topic and the two presenters is critical to ensure the relevance and success of the presentations for ASH membership. Because this award involves a dedicated lecture during the meeting, the chosen individuals must not only represent leaders in the topic of the lecture, but they must also have effective communication skills. Furthermore, because the ASH membership encompasses a broad diversity of interests, the topics chosen for the Beutler Lecture and Prize must reflect the society’s current or future priorities. The Awards Committee first considers the topic and then identifies the two individuals who will best represent and communicate the two aspects of the presentation as stipulated by the award requirements.

Because of the complexity of this award, nominations must include a topic and two lecturers (basic and clinical/translational). The study section will consider alternative presenters on a topic and may accept portions of a nomination (such as the topic, or the topic and one named individual). Please note that submission of the nominee's current CV and the annotated NIH biosketch with “Contributions to Science” (if available) is required.

Key Dates

Nomination Deadline for Ernest Beutler Lecture and Prize July 15, 2024
 Award Notification for Recipients March 2025
Presentation of Awards for Recipients December 2025

Eligibility Criteria


  • Nominees and nominators do not need to ASH members to be considered.
  • Nominees of all nationalities and all countries of residence are eligible; however, all nomination materials must be submitted in English.


  • Self-nominations and posthumous nominations will not be accepted.
  • Past recipients are not eligible for the same award they received previously.
  • Recipients may only receive one Honorific Award per year.
  • Voting members of the ASH Executive Committee and the ASH Awards Committee are ineligible for an Honorific Award during their tenure.

Submit a Nomination

Before getting started, please review the Honorific Award Nominations Guidance document, which provides detailed information about each award and guidance on crafting an effective nomination letter.

The following documents are required in order to submit a nomination package:

  • A completed nomination form;
  • A copy of the nominee's current CV and a copy of the nominee's NIH biosketch annotated with “Contributions to Science (if available)” is required;  
  • A letter of nomination summarizing the nominee's contributions to hematology, explaining how those contributions have advanced the field, and describing why the nominee deserves the specific Honorific Award (please refer to the Honorific Award Nominations Guidance document for recommendations on writing an effective nomination letter);
  • Optional: Up to two additional letters of support will be accepted but are not required; multiple people are allowed to sign one letter.

Submit a Nomination

If you are having trouble completing or submitting your nomination, please email [email protected] to request assistance.


Award Recipients

Ernest Beutler Lecture and Prize Recipients


For assistance or more information about ASH Honorific Awards, please contact the Awards Department at [email protected] or 202-776-0544.