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Restart Award

Apply for the ASH Research Restart Award

It is anticipated that interest in this award will be very high and that the need is acute. As a result and out of respect for applicant time, the award includes a competitively reviewed letter of intent (LOI) and a limited number of invitations to submit a full application. Further, timelines are accelerated and deadlines are absolute. Finally, ASH will not be providing critiques to applicants as a part of this program.

Letter of Intent

The letter of intent (LOI) and the supporting documents outlined below must be submitted through the ASH online awards system. The LOI is mandatory and will be competitively reviewed to be considered for one of the limited invitations to submit a full proposal. In addition to the letter of intent, the applicant must submit the following:

  • Completed online form
  • Description of a research project (200 words)
  • Description of the impact the response to the pandemic has had on your career or research (200 words)

The letter of intent is competitive and not everyone will be invited to submit a full application. LOIs that address key ASH priorities would be given an 0.1 improvement on their merit-based study section score for each priority (not more than a .3 improvement in total possible). Details on ASH Priorities can be found below.

Eligible applicants will be invited in early September to submit the full application.


NOTE: The application requirements may be adjusted as ASH gains knowledge through the LOI review process. The following information is provided as preliminary expectations for the application process and is provided to assist potential applicants prepare for a very brief application period.

Budget & Justification. You can request up to $50,000 based on need. Amounts requested may be adjusted to accommodate more awards. Allowable items include salary, supplies, training, staffing support, research expenses, and publication fees. No indirect costs may be taken.

Proof of detrimental impact from the pandemic response (e.g. rescinded offer, reduction of funding, loss of funding, reduction in salary).

Institutional commitment letter (not more than 1.5 pages) signed by department chair or division chief that:

  • Discusses institutional commitment to applicant and value of applicant to institution.
  • Discusses support plan for applicant’s transition (if supporting as they navigate rescinded offers).
  • Discusses resources provided in support of the attainment of the project goal (e.g. space, protected research time or position retention after the conclusion of the award).

A narrative (not more than three pages) that includes:

  • Specific losses due to COVID-19 and how the funding will be used to restart work.
  • Description of the approach, the level of intended effort and project plan.
  • Description of the scientific focus, significance, and anticipated impact, including precise description of expected results.
  • Description of how this project is independent of their mentor’s research and demonstrates a progression towards an independent research/career.
  • Career development plan assessing the impact of the award on career progression.
  • Attestation of compliance with ethical and legal requirements.