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Testimonial: Dr. Tyler Buckner

Dr. Tyler Buckner wants to help children and adults with blood diseases, and after participating in the 2012 American Society of Hematology's (ASH) Clinical Research Training Institute (CRTI) program, he is one step closer to his goal.

Tyler credits CRTI's small-group sessions and year-long mentoring program with providing him with a unique opportunity to become a better hematologist; it gave him the opportunity to interact with world-renowned faculty and a diverse group of highly regarded peers. In the course of the intense discussions at CRTI where mentors and participants review proposed research projects, he immediately realized how significant CRTI was going to be to his career.

"The fact that I was able to show up for a week-long meeting and present my research question to a group of talented individuals, and then have a number of them in my small group to go through my project for hours on end, is an incredible opportunity; and as far as I know, there is no other way to get that kind of experience."

Tyler believes CRTI is a unique opportunity for young investigators to connect and work alongside a varied group of motivated and successful individuals internationally regarded as experts in the field of hematology. Ultimately, the time he has shared with other participants and faculty and the relationships he has built will have an indelible impact on his ability to help people suffering from blood diseases.

Dr. Armand Keating, 2012 CRTI Faculty Mentor and Former ASH President commented that "A number of CRTI participants have told me this program was a transforming experience for them, and that's really an unusual thing to hear someone say. I believe CRTI offers an unparalleled opportunity to interact with senior, internationally recognized faculty to discuss issues of mutual importance; it's that, and the career development dimension of the program, that are truly valuable - CRTI really has it all."

Tyler compliments CRTI for nurturing trainees in a meaningful way early on in their careers. As he goes through transitions in his own career, Tyler says CRTI has provided him with a clearer path to achieving his goal, invaluable guidance, and a source of experienced motivation. He knows that he and his patients will be better served as a result of his experience.

"I believe these trainees (in the CRTI Program) are the future of hematology, and that their achievements in clinical research will lead to improved outcomes for patients with hematologic disorders."

-Dr. Linda Burns
CRTI Faculty Mentor 
CRTI Co-Director and ASH President