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About ASH

Scientific Committee on Hemostasis

Committee Roster

Laurent  O. Mosnier, PhD  ('24)

Vice Chair
Rinku Majumder, PhD  ('24)

Appointed Members
Glaivy Batsuli, MD  ('24)
Mettine  H.A. Bos, PhD  ('25)
Stacy  E. Croteau, MD  ('24)
Paula  D. James, MD, FRCPC  ('24)
Matthew Neal, MD  ('26)
Henri  M.H. Spronk  ('27)
Allison  Paroskie Wheeler, MD  ('24)
Jeremy  P. Wood, PhD  ('26)

Staff Liaison
Alice Kuaban, MS

Committee Mandate

The Scientific Committee on Hemostasis is focused on the blood clotting system’s role in hemostasis and also in inflammation, sepsis, cancer biology, etc. It therefore has wide appeal among hematologists. The focus of this committee will include:

The clinical areas:

  1. Inherited bleeding disorders
  2. Acquired bleeding disorders
  3. Abnormal hemostasis in cancer
  4. Abnormal hemostasis in sepsis and inflammation

The methodological aspects: 

  1. Biochemistry of coagulation
  2. Cellular models of hemostasis
  3. Measures of global hemostasis
  4. Immune mechanisms toward hemostatic proteins
  5. Gene therapy
  6. Animal models

The emerging areas:

  1. Biophysics of coagulation proteins and their interactions
  2. Hemostatic gene discovery using whole genome sequencing and GWAS
  3. Computational biomodeling
  4. Recombinant therapeutic proteins with improved efficacy and/or decreased immunogenicity

There is potential overlap with:

  1. Scientific Committee on Platelets* – platelet role in hemostasis
  2. Scientific Committee on Thrombosis and Vascular Biology* – role of endothelium in hemostasis and close association between bleeding and thrombosis
  3. Scientific Committee on Blood Disorders in Childhood – inherited bleeding disorders
  4. Scientific Committee on Hematopathology and Clinical Laboratory Hematology – clinical laboratory assays of hemostasis
  5. Scientific Committee on Transfusion Medicine – treatment of hemorrhage with transfusion

Thus, appropriate sessions at the annual meeting may include:  

  • Coagulation proteins and related disorders- basic, translational, therapies
  • Hemostasis and inflammation or cancer
  • Signal transduction/regulatory pathways in hemostasis

*The three Scientific Committees on Hemostasis, Platelets and Thrombosis and Vascular Biology have, for several years, jointly arranged the program of the Symposium on the Basic Science of Hemostasis and Thrombosis which is held on Tuesday morning of the annual ASH meeting. This Special Symposium has been very successful and represents a highly productive synergy between these three scientific committees.