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About ASH

Scientific Committee on Hematopathology & Clinical Laboratory Hematology

Committee Roster

Megan S.  S. Lim, MD, PhD  ('24)

Vice Chair
Peter Van Galen, PhD  ('24)

Appointed Members
Sandeep Gurbuxani, MBBS, PhD  ('27)
Rachel Koldej, PhD  ('27)
Sanam Loghavi, MD  ('24)
Yasodha Natkunam, MD, PhD  ('25)
Leticia Quintanilla-Martinez, MD  ('24)
Julie Teruya-Feldstein, MD  ('26)
Bert  A. Van der Reijden, PhD  ('24)
Brent Wood, MD, PhD  ('24)

Staff Liaison
Alice Kuaban, MS

Committee Mandate

The Scientific Committee on Hematopathology and Clinical Laboratory Hematology is focused on a broad spectrum of topics including diagnostic tools and their application in the diagnosis, classification, prognosis, and management of patients with neoplastic and non-neoplastic hematologic disorders.

The purview of this committee will include all aspects of currently available and emerging technologies applicable to the diagnosis and monitoring of hematologic disorders and the challenges associated with their implementation into routine clinical practice. This includes new applications for well-established technologies.

Areas of biological/mechanistic interest: Elucidation of the relationship between phenotype and molecularly defined genotype and promoting the translation of diagnostic tools from research to routine application.

Clinical areas: Topics that seek to deliver actionable diagnostic, prognostic, or therapeutic information relevant to hematologic disease.

Methodologic aspects: Discuss and define diagnostic approaches that incorporate genomic testing including multi-gene panels, whole exome sequencing or whole genome sequencing and develop data management strategies and reporting guidelines that advance the clinical utility of precision medicine.

Emerging areas: Identify and promote emerging technologies or novel applications of existing technologies that are candidates for future diagnostic implementation relevant to hematologic disease.

Potential overlap with other scientific committees will be discussed and resolved according to the respective focus chosen each year. The committee will also consider developing joint sessions with other scientific committees with shared scientific interests.

Sessions at the ASH annual meeting will include a balanced and future-orientated discussion of state of the art laboratory approaches to the diagnosis and monitoring of hematopoietic disease incorporating technical, interpretative and reporting advances. The intent is to pave the way for more individualized results that support personalized medicine.