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Structure and Governance

Engagement of Members with Employment or Owner* Relationships with Industry

The unique perspectives of ASH members employed by industry contribute to various aspects of service such as scientific committees, training and recruitment, and philanthropic and global outreach activities. However, ASH prohibits members employed by a pharmaceutical or biomedical company from serving (1) on the ASH Executive Committee, (2) as a planner of any accredited continuing medical education programmatic activity, (3) in an editorial position, (4) as an abstract reviewer, (5) on a clinical practice guideline panel, or (6) as a member of the Committee on Educational Affairs, Annual Meeting Accredited Education Program, CME Accreditation Committee, Committee on Government Affairs, Committee on Practice, Committee on Quality, or Publications Committee. Permissible engagement in other committees is governed by the ASH Conflict of Interest Policy.

*Owner relationship in this context is defined as ownership of individual stock in a privately held Ineligible Company where the company has a drug/device on the market or undergoing a regulatory approval process.

  1. Drugs: Regulatory approval process is considered to have begun upon submission of the Investigational New Drug Application (IND)
  2. Devices: Regulatory approval process is considered to have begun upon submission of a premarket approval process

Stockholders of publicly traded Ineligible Companies are not considered owners. Additionally, holders of stock options in a private or public Ineligible Company, or of shares through a pension or mutual fund, are not considered owners.

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