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Meeting Leadership and Development

ASH is committed to hosting world-class meetings covering the latest in hematology, including the ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition. These meetings would not be successful or even possible without the support of volunteers at every level.

Meeting Chairs, Speakers, and Moderators

Volunteers with expertise across hematologic topics provide leadership and support during ASH meetings, including the ASH Annual Meeting.

External Meeting Representation

Represent ASH and the field of hematology at non-ASH meetings.

ASH Meeting Support

Members and non-members alike can help ASH during its meetings in various capacities, such as providing real-time peer review of scientific sessions.

Abstract Review

Thousands of abstracts are submitted each year to the ASH Annual Meeting and other ASH meetings for program consideration. With dozens of categories, there is an enormous need for volunteers with subject matter expertise across the field of hematology.

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