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ASH Sickle Cell Disease Centers Workshop

ASH will be hosting a workshop in November 2019 to train teams of health care professionals in some of the skills necessary to establish a center focused on the needs of adults living with SCD. The workshop will walk participants through the major components of such centers, the process for developing a business plan and partnerships for advocacy, the ins and outs of operationalizing, and approaches to measuring impact and improving on the quality of care provided in these centers.

The faculty assembled for this workshop will be drawn from an array of these comprehensive care centers to address the nuts and bolts of how these centers were developed and implemented and how they are being sustained. At the end of the workshop, participants will have a professional network of leaders in the area of adult sickle cell disease care as well as peers working toward implementation of programs all addressing the same goal, to improve outcomes for people living with sickle cell disease.

This workshop is made possible through generous support from numerous donors who contributed to the ASH Foundation.

About the Workshop

The ASH Sickle Cell Disease Centers Workshop will take place at ASH Headquarters in Washington, DC, starting with a welcome dinner the evening of Tuesday, November 5, and concluding no later than 3:00 p.m. on Friday, November 8. (Selected participants should schedule return flights no earlier than 6:00 p.m. on Friday, November 8.) Workshop participants’ travel and lodging expenses for this session will be paid for from a grant by the ASH Foundation.

Following the November 2019 in-person workshop in Washington, DC, the event includes two addition components:

  • Follow-on session at the 2019 ASH Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL
  • Follow-on webinars throughout 2020
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Key Dates

Workshop Application AvailableMarch 29, 2019
Workshop Application DeadlineMay 31, 2019
Workshop Acceptances DeliveredJuly 22, 2019
Workshop DatesNovember 5-8, 2019
2019 ASH Annual MeetingDecember 7-10, 2019
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Workshop Curriculum

The workshop will walk through the components and services of a comprehensive sickle cell disease center, the development of a business plan for this center, advocacy for that plan, its implementation, and the assessment and improvement of a center. Specific topics will include:

  • Components of a center that uses a population-based approach with institutional buy-in
    • Medical leadership
    • Pain management plan
    • Transfusion plan
    • Mental health plan
    • Care management and coordination plan
  • Developing and advocating for a business plan
    • Understanding current services and gaps
    • Working with the local community
    • Building a business plan
    • Selling your proposal
  • Implementing a center
    • Building your team
    • Building processes and procedures
    • Addressing the nuts and bolts
  • Assessing and improving a center
    • Deciding what and how to measure
    • Understanding the basics for quality improvement
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Eligibility Requirements

Tackling sickle cell disease requires a team effort. Therefore, ASH is inviting teams to apply to attend the workshop.

  • Each team should be focused on developing comprehensive care for adults living with sickle cell disease.
  • Each team should be headed by the medical champion for the center; most likely, that champion will be a physician (hematologist or general internist) but the Society will also review applications from teams headed by an advanced practice professional with prescribing authority in the state of the center.
  • Other members of the team may include:
    • A business official from the institution where the center will be housed.
    • Additional health care professionals who will work in the center.
    • A representative of the sickle cell disease community the center will serve.

Teams can apply in advance of becoming a member of ASH. Members of selected teams that are eligible for ASH members will be required to apply for membership between the notification of selection and the workshop in November 2019.

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Application Process

More information about the required application components and their evaluation will be available with the application package on March 29, 2019.back to top

Workshop Co-chairs

The co-chairs of the Sickle Cell Disease Centers Workshop will serve as faculty for the workshop and will be joined by additional faculty with backgrounds in financial analysis, social work and care coordination, and the development of a program’s workforce.

The workshop co-chairs are:

  • Julie Kanter, MD, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Sophie Lanzkron, MD, MHS Johns Hopkins University
  • John D. Roberts, MD, Yale New Haven Health Care
  • Wally R. Smith, MD, Medical College of Virginia
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Terms and Conditions

As a condition of acceptance to ASH SCD Champions Workshop, members of selected teams who are eligible for ASH membership will be required to maintain ASH membership for the duration of the program. Applicants need not be members on initial application.

All participants are also required to:

  • Adhere to all deadlines
  • Attend the entirety of the in-person workshop in Washington, DC
  • Attend as many webinars following the in-person workshop as possible
  • Make airline reservations through EWA Travel, ASH’s official travel agent
  • Complete the ASH Conflict-of-Interest form and abide by the ASH COI policy
  • Cite support from the American Society of Hematology in any publications resulting from the workshop
  • Respond to future inquiries from ASH regarding the status of their sickle cell disease center
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For questions about this workshop, please contact back to top