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Global Capacity-Building Showcase

The Global Capacity-Building Showcase is an annual meeting poster category designed to encourage international collaborations in the form of capacity-building programs in low- and middle-income countries. Posters are presented in an electronic format and highlight existing partnerships with measurable outcomes related to research or capacity-building. View a video of the 2019 showcase to learn more.

2020 Call for Posters

All submissions for the Global Capacity-Building Showcase must be in the form of electronic posters via ASH’s online submission system.

Top-scoring presenting authors will receive a Global Capacity-Building Showcase Award, which provides financial support to attend the meeting.

Key Dates

Submission opens April 30, 2020
Submission deadline June 25, 2020, 11:59 p.m. Pacific time

Information for Authors

The 62nd Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology (ASH) will be held Saturday, December 5, through Tuesday, December 8, 2020, in San Diego, California. The goal of the Global Capacity-Building Showcase is to encourage international collaborations in the form of capacity-building programs in low- and middle-income countries. The Showcase will highlight existing partnerships with measurable outcomes related to research or capacity-building.

All submissions for the Global Capacity-Building Showcase must be in the form of electronic posters via ASH’s online submission system. The site opens April 30, and the poster submission deadline is Thursday, June 25, 2020, 11:59 p.m. (PDT).


  • Submissions must be in the form of posters, not abstracts.
  • Posters should be uploaded as PDF files.
  • Posters must include at least one author from a Low- or Middle-Income Country (LMIC).
  • The presenter must currently practice in a LMIC.
  • Posters must focus on research or capacity-building initiatives involving populations in LMICs.
  • Posters must include analysis of outcomes from capacity-building initiatives.
  • Posters must highlight a collaboration (international or domestic).
  • Program should not have won the Global Capacity-Building Showcase award in 2017 or 2018.
  • Presenter should not have a dual affiliation in a high-income country

Global Posters are NOT:

  • Scientific abstracts (abstracts should be submitted via the Call for Abstracts opening June 4th, 2020)
  • Research projects that involve collaborators from LMICs but do not focus on capacity-building efforts and/or research in LMICs.
  • Proposals for capacity-building projects that are not yet established.

Responsibilities of the Presenting Author

  • The presenting author serves as the primary contact for all correspondence regarding the poster.
  • The presenting author must be one of the co-authors listed on the submitted poster.
  • The presenting author should not have a dual affiliation in a high-income country.
  • The presenting author is responsible for the following:
    • Ensuring that all authors have read the poster and agreed to be co-authors. Failure to get approval from all authors will result in rejection of the poster.
    • Notifying all co-authors of any additions, deletions, and changes to the program, as may be communicated by ASH.
    • Obtaining copyright transfer consent from co-authors.
    • Forwarding all correspondence to all co-authors, including ASH policies and guidelines and the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) Standards for Commercial Support for Continuing Medical Education (CME).

Authors' Consent and Waiver of Claims

  • Each poster author agrees and certifies that he or she:
    • has read all of the rules and agrees to be bound by them,
    • is responsible for submission of the poster in accordance with the rules, and
    • waives any and all claims against ASH and any reviewer arising out of or relating to the poster submission and review process, including but not limited to peer review and the grading of posters.

General Guidelines

  • Posters must focus on a research or capacity-building initiative involving populations in LMICs, and must include analysis of outcomes from the initiative.
  • Posters must highlight a collaboration (international or domestic).
  • Posters submitted to ASH are embargoed from the time of submission. This means that the poster cannot be presented at a meeting with 1,000 or more participants and/or published once submitted for the ASH annual meeting until the meeting is concluded. Read the "Embargo Policy" section of the Call for Posters for more information.
  • Authors assign copyright of the poster to ASH upon submission, unless one of the authors is a U.S. Federal employee (in such case, ASH does not hold copyright). This means that the identical poster may not be republished or submitted to another meeting.
  • All research and studies reported in submitted posters that involve human and animal subjects must comply with the guiding principles for experimental procedures found in the Declaration of Helsinki of the World Medical Association.
  • No revisions can be made after the poster submission deadline (June 25, 2020).
  • Posters generally may not be withdrawn once submitted. The absolute deadline for poster withdrawal is September 17.
  • The submitted poster will be displayed as-is at the annual meeting, although updates on results may be communicated during presentation of the poster.
  • Posters should be written in clear and concise English, so that reviewers are able to focus solely on the merits of the submission. We encourage non-English-speaking authors to have their posters checked for grammar and spelling prior to submission.
  • The presenting author must be currently practicing in a Low- or Middle Income Country (view list of eligible countries). It is assumed that the presenting author will have adequate command of English to present and to respond to questions.

Presentation Format

  • Select submissions will be presented on Sunday evening, during which time the presenters will stand beside their poster (displayed on a screen) and interact with attendees.
  • All other accepted submissions will be displayed as electronic posters at the annual meeting as part of the Global Capacity-Building Showcase.

Poster Review and Selection Process

  • After the submission deadline, all completed and eligible posters will be made available to the ASH Reviewers for review and scoring.
  • Incomplete posters will not be reviewed.
  • The same initiative must not be submitted as multiple posters. Posters that are simply different versions of a single capacity-building program will be rejected.
  • All submissions will be considered eligible for poster presentation in the Global Capacity-Building Showcase. Presenters are expected to be at their posters to answer questions during the time designated for presentations.
  • Submissions will not be considered for Plenary, Oral, or Scientific Poster presentation.

Acceptance/Rejection Notification

  • Notification regarding acceptance or rejection of Global Capacity-Building Showcase posters will be sent to the presenting author in early August 2020 by email; consequently, an accurate email address is critical. If you have not received an email notification by August 18, 2020, contact [email protected]. Rejection notifications will also be sent at that time.
  • To ensure that you are able to receive email correspondence from ASH, please make sure that your email software can receive mail from the confex.com and hematology.org domains. You should add [email protected] and [email protected] to your address book. If after completing your submission you do not receive a confirmation email from the submission system, you must contact your system administrator and make sure that both the confex.com and hematology.org domains are added to your email address whitelist.
  • The decision of the ASH reviewers regarding acceptance and presentation of posters is final.

Poster Withdrawal

  • Once a poster is submitted, a written request to withdraw must be submitted no later than September 17, 2020, to [email protected] if the presenter decides to withdraw the poster for any reason. Posters will not be withdrawn after this deadline.
  • ASH reserves the right to withdraw posters that are in violation of the Society's policies and guidelines, such as those that have been deemed scientifically unsound, have been found to include inaccurate data, etc.

Publication in Blood Advances

  • All digital posters accepted for presentation at the ASH annual meeting are published in a special, conference issue of Blood Advances.
  • Posters not selected for presentation will also be published online-only in Blood Advances.
  • ASH reserves the right not to publish posters that inappropriately promote commercial interests, posters that are judged unethical, poorly written, or scientifically unsound, or posters considered inappropriate for publication for other reasons as determined by the Program Committee.

Poster Submission Policies

1. Conflict-of-Interest Disclosure Policy

    • ASH is committed to ensuring the integrity of its scientific, educational, and research programs. The ASH Conflict-of-Interest Policy requires disclosure of any financial or other interest that might be construed as resulting in an actual, potential, or apparent conflict.
    • ASH abides by rules formulated by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) that require that you disclose any relevant financial relationship you or your spouse/partner have had within the past 24 months. For this purpose, "relevant financial relationships" are those from which you have received or may receive financial benefit and which are related to the CME content.
    • As a continuing medical education (CME) provider accredited by the ACCME, ASH must ensure balance, independence, objectivity, and scientific rigor in all presentations at the ASH annual meeting.
    • By completing this section of the online submission, you agree that you have read the ASH Conflict-of-Interest Policy and that you understand and support its intent.
    • This policy is not intended to prevent a presentation; it is merely intended to openly identify potential conflicts so that audience members may form their own judgments about the presentation with a full disclosure of the facts.
    • Appropriate disclosure will be stated in the special conference issue of Blood Advances. Posters will not be considered for the program without completion of disclosure information for all of the authors.

      Author Responsibility Regarding Conflict-of-Interest Disclosure
  • The presenting author is responsible for obtaining disclosure information from all co-authors.
  • All authors and co-authors are required to provide any relevant information concerning personal or professional circumstances and relationships that might reasonably be expected to affect the author's view on the presentation.
  • This includes relationships with pharmaceutical companies, biomedical device manufacturers, or other companies whose products or services are related to the subject matter of the presentation topic. If no relevant relationships exist, this must be stated as well.

    When to Disclose

    Please disclose any relationships or circumstances that might affect or appear to affect the research presented. These relationships include you or any individual with whom you directly share income.

    What to Disclose

    You must disclose the relationship and state the name of the company for each of the following areas in which you maintain a relationship. Exact dollar amounts are not necessary. You will have the option to note that there is no information to disclose or to provide disclosure information pertinent to the poster. Disclosed information pertinent to the poster may include the following areas:
    • Employment
    • Consultancy
    • Equity holder in a publicly traded company (including stock options, but excluding indirect investments through mutual funds and the like)
    • Equity holder in private, start-up company (including stock options, the stock of which is not publicly traded)
    • Research funding
    • Honoraria directly received from an entity
    • Patents and royalties
    • Paid expert testimony
    • Membership on an entity's board of directors, speakers bureau, or its advisory committees
    • Any other financial relationship

      Off-Label Use

      You will be required to note whether your presentation will include discussion of off-label use of products. If so, you must provide a brief explanation.

      Other Areas

      During the disclosure submission process, you will also be required to indicate your compliance with the following:
      • If you are providing recommendations involving clinical medicine, these recommendations will be based on evidence that is accepted within the profession of medicine as adequate justification for their indication and contraindications in the care of patients. All scientific research referred to in support of a patient-care recommendation will conform to generally accepted standards of experimental design, data collection, and analysis.
      • The content of the information with which you are involved will promote quality in health care or advances in science and will not promote a specific proprietary or commercial interest. Content for this publication will be well-balanced and unbiased.
      • If you have been trained or utilized by a commercial entity or its agents as a speaker (e.g., participation in a speakers' bureau) for any commercial interest, the promotional aspects of that work must not be included in the presentation in any way.

2. Embargo Policy

  • Posters submitted to ASH's Global Capacity-Building Showcase are embargoed from the time of submission.
  • For the poster to be eligible for presentation at the ASH annual meeting, the poster may not be made public before the poster has been presented at the ASH annual meeting.
  • If the Embargo Policy is violated, the poster may be withdrawn by ASH from presentation at the annual meeting.

How to Submit a Poster for the Global Capacity-Building Showcase

The submission site is open from April 30 to June 25, 2020.

All posters must be submitted by June 25, 2020, at 11:59 p.m., Pacific Daylight Time. Submissions that are incomplete by the deadline will be rejected.

  • Posters must be submitted online through the official online Global Capacity-Building Showcase submission system. Emails and image files not submitted through the site will not be accepted.
  • Electronic submission works optimally with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7+, Mozilla Firefox 3.0+, and Safari or MAC OS 10.4+. Netscape Navigator 7.7+ is supported, but its use is discouraged, since not all features are available. The online submission system will provide links so that you can download free browser software.
  • Once you have submitted the title page information, a draft of your poster submission will be saved, and you will be able to return to edit and re-upload the submission at any time until June 25, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time. You will receive an email providing a link to your submission.
  • Posters cannot be submitted and will not be reviewed without completion of the “Submission Information” and “Disclosure” sections of the online submission program.
  • Any technical questions regarding the submission process should be directed to [email protected].

Preparing a Poster for Submission

Presenter's Contact Information

  • Your name, degree, institution, address, phone number, and email address must be provided. The presenting author will receive all future correspondence from ASH.


  • Names of co-authors and institutions must be provided. Changes will not be made to the spelling of authors’ names after the submission deadline; please proof your co-authors' names carefully.

Copyright Policy

  • All authors must assign copyright of the poster to ASH, unless one of the authors is a U.S. federal employee (in such case, ASH does not hold copyright).


  • The poster title should be brief and clearly indicate the nature of the capacity-building program being described.
  • The title must be in title case. Capitalize all nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, and subordinate conjunctions (i.e., as, because, although). Except for the first word of the title, lowercase all articles, coordinate conjunctions (i.e., and, or, nor), and prepositions, regardless of length. Also, lowercase "to" when used as an infinitive.
  • Additionally, keep letters lowercase if the lowercase letters have a specific meaning, such as pH or NaCl.
  • Do not put a period at the end of the title.

Use of Product Names

  • Non-proprietary (generic/scientific) names should be used and should be lowercase.
  • If necessary, you may include a proprietary name in parentheses directly following the generic name after its first mention in the body of the poster; the first letter of the name of a proprietary drug should be capitalized.


  • Use standard abbreviations. Place abbreviations in parentheses immediately after the first mention of a term or phrase; the abbreviation can then be used throughout the poster.


  • The entire poster must be uploaded as a single image, preferably in PDF format.
  • The poster should be oriented horizontally (wider than taller).
  • The title and all authors should be listed at the top of the poster.

Global Capacity-Building Showcase Awards

Presenting authors from Low- and Middle-Income Countries will receive the following financial support to attend the meeting: complimentary coach-class airfare, transportation, housing, and registration, as well as a $100 per diem.

Electronic Signature

Completion of all required disclosure information in the online submission system serves as an agreement and is accepted in lieu of a faxed signature. It certifies the poster submitter's understanding of the rules for participation contained in the Global Capacity-Building Showcase poster submission program and affirms that:

  1. All authors approve of submitting this work for presentation and publication;
  2. The author(s) transfer(s) all copyright ownership of the named poster to the American Society of Hematology (except when one or more authors are U.S. Government employees);
  3. All authors have read the Conflict-of-Interest Policy and have acted in accordance with that policy;
  4. The author(s) agree(s) to materially confine the presentation to information in the poster, if accepted for presentation. If an author has more than one poster accepted, each presentation will be materially confined to the information in the poster selected;
  5. The presenting author will be available to present the poster if selected for the program. The author(s) will immediately notify ASH if the presenting author must be changed; and
  6. 6. The author(s) are aware that the withdrawal deadline for ASH Annual Meeting posters is September 17, 2020, and understand that posters cannot be withdrawn after September 17.

Sample Posters

Sample posters are linked below for your reference. These posters won Global Capacity-Building Showcase Awards in 2019.

Bridging the Gap Using Telemedicine: Optimizing an Existing Autologous into an Allogeneic Hematopoietic SCT Unit in Paraguay with the Help of the WBMT
Cristobal Augusto Frutos Ortiz, Alfredo Reinaldo Quiroz, Alana Seisha Von Glasenapp, Maria Elvira Enciso, Jorge Batista and Dietger Niederwieser

Establishing Care for Sickle Cell Disease in Western Kenya: Achievements and Challenges
Christopher Mwaniki Wanjiku, Festus Njuguna, Fredrick Chite Asirwa, Cyrus Njuguna, Samuel Misiani Mbunya, Chris Roberson and Anne Greist

ASH Annual Meeting Registration and Housing

Please note that submitting a poster does not register you for the ASH annual meeting.

To register, you must complete and return an Attendee Registration Form or register online.

View the annual meeting registration page for information about early-bird registration and other key registration dates. Please note that you must register for the annual meeting before making your hotel reservation.


Send related correspondence and questions regarding Global Capacity-Building Showcase poster submissions or notifications to: [email protected].