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Resources for Hematology Fellows

ASH Trainee Council

The Trainee Council was created in 2001 to provide a forum for hematology fellows to discuss issues relevant to fellowship training and career development. The council reports to the Committee on Training regarding matters of concern to trainees and provides suggestions regarding programs that may increase interest in hematology. The primary function of the ASH Trainee Council is to advise the ASH Committee on Training about issues relevant to the educational needs of hematology trainees, including the planning of events and services for trainees at the ASH annual meeting. By developing and implementing programs of interest to trainees, the Trainee Council is a major engine for new member recruitment for ASH. The council also assists in the evaluation of various ASH programs and assists in the development and revision of trainee related education materials as needed.

Meet the Current Trainee Council

The Trainee Council consists of 12 trainees from the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Ten of these trainees must be MDs or MD-PhDs from accredited hematology or hematology/oncology fellowship training programs. Two trainees must be PhDs selected from hematology post-doctoral training programs. The chair of the Trainee Council is elected by the members of the council at the December meeting, and each council member serves a two-year term. Terms are staggered so that each year half the council members are new, while the other half are in their second year of service. Two members of the Committee on Training serve as liaison members to the Trainee Council.

Trainee Council projects and programs include:

Trainee Council Goals

  • Advocacy for issues that impact trainees (NIH funding cuts, etc.).
  • Representing trainees and their needs (including international trainees and hematology trainees at all levels of training including medical students, residents, fellows, graduate students, and postdocs) to ASH leadership.
  • Acting as a liaison to other committees to represent trainees and our perspectives (e.g., Committee on Training, Committee on Communications).
  • Recruitment/retention of hematologists (from undergraduates onwards).
  • Organizing ASH-a-Palooza and other trainee events at ASH annual meeting in cooperation with the Committee on Training.
  • Developing articles to be disseminated to trainees throughout the year (The Hematologist, Hematopoiesis).


Application Process

All Trainee Council applications must be submitted through ASH's online application system and must include the following:

  1. A letter of recommendation from the MD applicant's training program director or the PhD applicant's division chief/department chair. The letter should include:
    1. Reasons that support the candidate's application
    2. Assessment of candidate's qualifications (including clinical, research, education, service-related) relevant to participation in the council
    3. Potential for leadership and contribution
    4. Confirmation of applicant's enrollment in a hematology, hematology/oncology, or hematology-related training program that consists of more than two years, in order to be concurrent with the two-year term on the council
  2. Brief personal statement from the trainee, including:
    1. Reasons for wishing to participate in the council
    2. Evidence of leadership abilities
    3. Committee/service experience
    4. Other qualifications or achievements that would be of value to the council
    5. Any ideas or proposals that could be brought to the council
  3. The trainee's CV

Any application that does not follow the requirements, is not formatted correctly, is lacking information, has incorrect information, or is lacking required documents will be deemed ineligible and will not be reviewed by the study section. There are no appeals or consideration for additional or further review once an application has been determined ineligible.

Each training program may submit only one nomination per year.

All application submissions will be sent a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact the ASH Training Department at training@hematology.org or at 1-866-828-1231.

Selection of Trainee Council members from the applications received will be made by the ASH Executive Committee based upon recommendations from the ASH Committee on Training.

Key Dates

Application Available    February 14, 2022
Application Deadline   April 29, 2022
Finalists Notified  May 2022 

Trainee Council Meetings

A conference call takes place in the spring and the council meets one-day in the early fall to develop recommendations to be passed on to ASH leadership. The agenda for the meetings is developed by the chair of the Trainee Council with the help of other council members and the Committee on Training. The remaining work of the council takes place by e-mail or conference call throughout the year. In addition, the Council meets during the ASH annual meeting in December. The chair of the council serves as a liaison member to the Committee on Training and is expected to attend their spring and fall meetings. ASH pays for the cost of hotel accommodations and travel to all meetings for each council member.*

*We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic makes it challenging to plan for travel in the near future. While we hope to hold in-person meetings in 2022, they will be held virtually if travel is not feasible. ASH is closely monitoring the situation and will notify selected participants of any changes.

Eligibility to Serve on the Council

Trainees who exhibit leadership qualities and a high potential for a successful career in hematology or a hematology-related discipline are desired candidates.

Trainees in hematology training programs who are currently in their first or second year of training are eligible for council service. Applicants must have a medical degree with or without a PhD degree. PhD trainees in all hematology-related disciplines are eligible.

Eligible applicants must be continuing in their training program in the 2021-2024 academic years (July 1 - June 30).

Applicants who are in the same institution with a trainee council member serving from 2021-2023 will not be eligible. Two people from the same institution cannot serve on the council at the same time. Applicants from the following institutions will NOT be eligible:

  • University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine
  • Case Western Reserve University 
  • University of Utah, Primary Children's Hospital 
  • Medical College of Wisconsin 
  • University of Cincinnati
  • Mass General Brigham/Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Please see the current Trainee Council here.

All applicants are required to be Associate members of ASH in good standing at the time the application is submitted, and for the duration of the term on the Trainee Council. Please note: The Associate member and International Associate member application approval process can take up to three weeks. Enrollment through the FHF program includes ASH Associate membership.

To verify your membership status, please log on to the membership section of the ASH website. If you need assistance with your username and password, please contact an ASH Customer Relations Representative at membership@hematology.org.


For more information about the ASH Trainee Council, please email training@hematology.org.