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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Health Care

Anti-Racism Toolkit

As the ASH community and part of the greater medical community, we find ourselves called upon to discuss and address health disparities while teaching, conducting research and delivering care. Racism affects one's life experience in ways that have tangible consequences on our patients, our practice, and the field of medicine. Stereotyping, bias, lack of representation, and racism perpetuate false beliefs, lead to misdiagnosis, dangerously narrow clinical decision making, and perpetuate implicit bias, all of which lead to real health disparities. These forces also affect the integrity and safety of the learning climate and impact the success of future hematologists. Therefore, we at ASH have a moral imperative to confront and dismantle racism. This toolkit provides resources to help its members do that in their day-to-day practice as clinicians, researchers, and educators.


Defining Racism and Creating an Anti-Racism Framework

This section provides resources and tools to help individuals better understand systemic racism and develop an anti-racism framework.


Understanding Racism in the Context of Healthcare, Medicine, and Hematology

This section explores the impact of racism in the context of healthcare and medicine. It also provides relevant scientific and historical resources to better understand the background of systemic racism in healthcare in general and in hematology.


Addressing Racism and Implementing Change in Your Clinical, Academic, and Scholarly Works

This section provides resources, literature, curriculums, and other information to help individuals address racism and implement change at the individual, institution, and community level.