The Hematologist

March-April 2011, Volume 8, Issue 2

Letter to the Editor

Published on: March 01, 2011

Dear Editor:

In “Ask the Hematologist” (Nov/Dec 2010), Dr. DiMichele incisively responds to Dr. Zora Rogers’ questions about a 14-year-old with both menorrhagia and a family history of thrombophilia. With Dr. DiMichele’s recommendations, young women should be spared the three years it took this patient to be optimally assessed. Dr. DiMichele outlined the appropriate evaluation that should be performed at presentation. She also gave sound counsel concerning the young woman’s request for combined hormonal oral contraceptive pills, an effective treatment for menorrhagia, but complicated in this patient by the family history of thrombophilia. The wise advice here was avoidance of risk factors. The comprehensive nature of Dr. DiMichele’s reply is evidenced in her noting the importance of the psychosocial, or quality-of-life, consequences for adolescents who must face these issues.

The Foundation for Women & Girls with Blood Disorders (FWGBD) is a new national, nonprofit organization focused on educating health-care providers about the range of blood disorders that impact women and girls. FWGBD is partnering with key organizations, like ASH, to be sure that state-of-the-art information, such as contained in Dr. DiMichele’s “Response,” reaches all physicians treating women and girls at every life stage. For more information, contact:


-Andra H. James, MD, MPH, Director, Women’s Hemostasis and Thrombosis Clinic at Duke University

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