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    In-depth articles meant to serve as a resource for practitioners, researchers, and early-career hematologists

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    Concise reviews of hematology-related journal articles by Members of the Board of Contributing Editors. Articles of interest are gleaned from the world literature with a goal of keeping readers informed of high-impact developments both in clinical and basic research.

  • Ask the Hematologist

    Expert opinion focused on challenging diagnostic and management issues

  • Mini Review

    A concise review of a topic that illustrates the relationship of basic research to clinical hematology

  • Clinical Trials Corner

    Insightful critiques and informed commentary of important ongoing clinical trials

  • Profiles

    Brief memoirs written by respected members of the Society recounting inspiring careers in hematology

  • President's Column

    An update from the ASH president about Society initiatives and events

  • Op Ed

    Invited opinion pieces written by leaders of the hematology community

  • Year's Best

    Thoughtful commentaries on several of the most meaningful hematologic breakthroughs of the year, written by editors of The Hematologist and selected guest experts.

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    Letters written in response to editorials or on any subject of interest to our readers

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