The Hematologist

Ask the Hematologist Compendium 2010-2015

A collection of updated clinical information on malignant and nonmalignant hematology as profiled in The Hematologist

About the Compendium

The aim of "Ask the Hematologist" (ATM), a core feature of The Hematologist: ASH News and Reports, is to provide clinicians with expert opinion about challenging diagnostic and management problems that span the areas of malignant and nonmalignant hematology. In some instances, the question posed in the ATH column is premised on a very specific patient scenario; in others, the question is intended to elicit a broader review of practice-changing diagnostic algorithms or therapeutic advances in hematology. ATH articles commonly touch on disease pathophysiology that helps anchor clinical explanations to the biologic underpinnings of the disease. We have found that this translational mix of information has appeal not only to clinicians, but also to physician-scientists and basic researchers.

Together with ASH's very popular "How I Treat" series, we hope that readers find the ATH compendium to be an easily digestible learning companion that serves as a "portable feast" for the practicing hematologist.

Jason Gotlib, MD, MS


In this compendium, we have compiled ATH articles spanning the years 2010 to 2015. With the exception of some more recent works, we have asked authors to provide state-of-the-art updates to the content where applicable; to that end, authors either have rewritten their ATH articles or have provided an update/commentary that introduces their original piece.

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