American Society of Hematology

Career-Enhancement Awards and Training Programs

The American Society of Hematology (ASH) offers multiple funding and training opportunities for hematology fellows, junior faculty, and senior research faculty at various career stages. Apply for one of the following career-enhancement awards or training programs to get the research funding, training, or guidance needed to move your hematology career forward.


This four-year postdoctoral research grant aims to help scholars from historically disadvantaged backgrounds receive acdemic and research appointments the field of hematology.

ASH Bridge Grant

This award provides funding for investigators who submitted a hematology-related NIH R01 grant in the past 18 months and whose proposals were scored but denied funding.

ASH Clinical Research Training Institute

This yearlong education and mentoring program for hematology fellows and junior faculty at academic medical centers offers education on clinical research methods, research collaborations, statistical analysis, and managing the demands of family and career.

ASH Clinical Research Training Institute in Latin America

This workshop is intended for fellows and early- to mid-career hematology faculty working in Latin American countries who are engaged in clinical research and training and who wish to become more familiar with clinical trial design and execution.

ASH-EHA Translational Research Training in Hematology

This training and mentoring program, which kicks off with a week-long course in Europe, helps junior researchers build successful careers in hematologic translational research.

ASH Global Research Award

This award, which promises to be accessible to individuals across geographical regions, is designed to support future international scientific leaders, increase hematology capacity, and nurture global collaboration.

ASH Latin American Training Program

This program helps build hematology capacity in Latin America by providing funding for hematologists or hematology-related health care professionals to receive 12 weeks of training on a specific priority area for the region.

ASH Medical Educators Institute

This yearlong program, which includes a webinar series and in-person workshop, develops future leaders in hematology education by providing a "boot camp" in teaching techniques, medical education scholarship, and career development.

ASH Minority Hematology Fellow Award

This award encourages early-career MD/DO, PhD, and MD/DO-PhD researchers from historically unrepresented minority groups to pursue a career in academic hematology.

ASH Research Training Award for Fellows

Open to both MD and MD-PhD researchers between their second and fifth year of fellowship, this award is designed to encourage junior researchers to pursue a career in academic hematology.

ASH Scholar Award

This award provides fellows and junior faculty with partial salary or other research support during that critical period required for completion of training and achievement of status as an independent investigator.

ASH Visitor Training Program

This provides funding for hematologists or hematology-related health care professionals in the developing world to receive up to 12 weeks of training on a specific topic or technique in the clinic or laboratory of an ASH member.

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