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Government Concierge

ASH understands that federal agencies within the U.S. government are adjusting and developing new guidelines for conference attendance for their employees and that each agency will have its own policy. To assist federal employees by providing information that will help with their attendance requests, applications for funding approval, and housing needs, ASH has established a Government Concierge.

If you are a federal employee who does not need to wait for agency approval to register:

  • You may register online during the applicable registration periods. At the beginning of the registration process, on the Profile page, you will be asked if you are a federal employee. Be sure to select “yes.”
  • After you have registered, you will be able to access the online hotel/housing module. Once there, you will be presented with hotel options at the government per diem rate as well as the regular room rates. You may choose your preferred rate and hotel.

Are you a federal employee who must wait for agency approval before registering?

Each year, ASH secures a limited number of rooms at select hotels at the federal per diem rate, recognizing that many government employees will not receive approval to register for the meeting until late in the year when most of the hotels near the convention center are sold out.

These rooms may be requested on a first-come, first-served basis after your registration has been processed. The Government Concierge will do its best to assist federal employees with available hotel room needs.

If you anticipate not being able to register for the ASH annual meeting until later in the year, you may enroll in the Government Concierge program in advance by contacting

Once you are approved to register by your agency, you may complete the online registration process and proceed to the online hotel/housing module. Our system will recognize you as being enrolled in the program and will present hotel options at the government per diem rate in addition to the regular room rates.

Per ASH policy, attendees cannot make hotel reservations until they have registered for the meeting.

Government Per Diem Rate

The Federal Government per diem rate effective October 1, 2019, for Orlando is $127 for lodging and $66 for meals and incidentals.


For assistance, please contact the Government Concierge at or the ASH Housing Center at

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