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Career-Development Timeline for Canadian Trainees (Program Year 3)

Published on: October 14, 2011

While every person's career path clearly requires an individualized plan for true success, based on insight from hematology leadership and fellows, the ASH Trainee Council has created a generalized framework to help guide those training for a career in hematology in Canada.

During Program Year 3, hone in your skills as an internal medicine consultant.

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July - December 

  • Hematology elective: Consider spending some time in the institutions you intend to apply to for hematology residency if elective time is available. This will provide opportunities to network with the staff at the institution as well as demonstrate your interests in hematology. 
  • CaRMs (Canadian Resident Matching Service) medicine subspecialty (R-4) match: Verify on the CaRMs website specific due dates for the application, reference letters, program selection, document assignment, interview period, and rank order. Interviews are usually held in September and October and Match Day is usually in the middle of November.
  • Update your curriculum vitae (CV): Many institutions now have templates of CVs that can be used to best showcase your training and credentials. Remember to highlight your teaching and research activities and interests.

January - June 

  • Prepare an abstract for submission to the ASH Annual Meeting: If you have an ongoing project in hematology, consider preparing an abstract for submission to the upcoming ASH Annual Meeting.  Presenting at the ASH Annual Meeting will provide you with networking opportunities and demonstrates your interest within specific areas of hematology.  Deadline for abstract submission is usually August. 
  • Join ASH: ASH provides valuable discounts and resources to trainees that will help them further their careers, and allow you to apply and avail of certain grants and programs that ASH offers its members. It is also a prerequisite to receive a discounted registration fee at the ASH Annual Meeting. ASH Applications for Associate membership are processed throughout the year until early November.


  • Preliminary Assessment of Training: Residents who wish to take the specialty certification examination of the Royal College must first have their residency training assessed by the Royal College to ensure that the specialty specific training requirements have been met in a program that is recognized and approved by the Royal College. The deadline for application of assessment is April 30. Verify with the College as this date may change.

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