The Hematologist

March-April 2017, Volume 14, Issue 2

Professor Niels Borregaard (1951-2017)

ASH Staff
American Society of Hematology, Washington, DC

Published on: March 01, 2017

Professor Niels Borregaard joined Blood as an Associate Editor on January 1, 2016. Just a few months later, we were shocked to hear that he was diagnosed with lung cancer; consequently, within six months of beginning his term, he had to resign from his editorship. He was disappointed as he thoroughly enjoyed his work, and we accepted his resignation with great regret. Niels was an editor par excellence, who came to us with considerable experience. He was the editor in chief of the European Journal of Haematology for 14 years (2000-2014), and was also a section editor for the Leukemia Journal (1996-1999). We were delighted when Niels joined the Blood team because he consistently demonstrated an affinity for editorial work and scientific publishing. He immediately became an active part of the team, devoting considerable time and eagerly sharing his views and ideas with us. His careful, unbiased, and balanced judgments of manuscripts as an editor and his open-minded personality carried the signature of his broad expert knowledge. He was an active and proactive member of the Blood editorial team. His death comes as a huge shock to us. The immunotherapy vaccine that was especially developed for him apparently came too late.

Niels was a clinical hematologist with a background in neutrophil research and myelopoiesis. He was based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and received his MD in Aarhus, where he also completed his doctoral thesis on the activated neutrophil. Between 1982 and 1984 he worked with Drs. Robert A. Clark and Alfred I. Tauber in Boston. In 1998 he was appointed professor of hematology at the Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen. At Lund University in Sweden he received the honor “Dr. Honoris Causa in Medical Sciences.” Niels published more than 200 articles in the field of neutrophil cell biology and received several awards for his work.

We at Blood will always regret the short tenure of his invaluable input and wisdom. The international hematology community and Blood have lost a generous colleague and a wonderful friend.

Niels is survived by his wife and four children.

On behalf of the Blood Journal:
—Bob Löwenberg, Editor-in-Chief
—Nancy Berliner, Deputy Editor
—Nina Hoffman, Senior Director, Publishing
—Glenn Landis, Editorial Director

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