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  • ASH-a-Palooza With Drs. Leidy Isenalumhe and Alex BoucherAugust 03, 2018 | July-August 2018, Volume 15, Issue 4
    Speakers: Dr. Leidy Isenalumhe; Dr. Alex Boucher

    In this podcast, former Chair of the ASH Trainee Council Dr. Leidy Isenalumhe and current Chair of the ASH Trainee Council Dr. Alex Boucher have a conversation about the re-imagined Trainee Day, now known as ASH-a-Palooza, taking place at the 2018 ASH Annual Meeting. ASH-a-Palooza will offer a relaxed, open learning environment for trainees in a festival-like setting with multiple opportunities for micro learning. The event will take place Friday, November 30, 2018, right before the annual meeting starts on Saturday, December 1. Learn more

  • New Means to Reactivate p53 in Leukemia With Drs. Omar Abdel-Wahab, Ulrich Steidl, and Amit VermaJuly 02, 2018 | July-August 2018, Volume 15, Issue 4
    Speakers: Dr. Omar Abdel-Wahab; Dr. Ulrich Steidl; Dr. Amit Verma

    In this podcast, Contributing Editor Dr. Omar Abdel-Wahab has a conversation with Drs. Ulrich Steidl and Amit Verma. They discuss Dr. Abdel-Wahab's Diffusion article from the July/August 2018 issue of The Hematologist. The article titled, "New Means to Reactivate p53 in Leukemia: A Staple Peptide Inhibitor of MDMX and MDM2," discusses therapeutic activation of wild-type TP53 in leukemia and other forms of cancer. Read more

  • ASH Congressional Fellowship With Drs. Alan Rosmarin, Joseph Alvarnas, and Catherine ZanderJune 20, 2018 | May-June 2018, Volume 15, Issue 3
    Speakers: Dr. Alan Rosmarin; Dr. Joseph Alvarnas; Dr. Catherine Zander

    In this podcast, Chair of the ASH Committee on Practice Dr. Joseph Alvarnas and Chair of the ASH Committee on Government Affairs Dr. Alan Rosmarin talk about the ASH Congressional Fellowship, a unique opportunity for a hematologist to work in a congressional office on Capitol Hill for an academic year, to help shape health care and hematology policy. We also hear from Dr. Catherine Zander, the first ever ASH Congressional Fellow, as she shares her personal experience with the fellowship. Learn more

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