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The Hematologist: ASH News and Reports, the Society's member newsletter, is designed for the broad constituency of ASH, all working toward the ultimate goal of conquering blood diseases. The Hematologist updates readers about important developments in the field of hematology and highlights what ASH is doing for its members.

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Somatic Mutations and Eltrombopag Take the Spotlight

Drs. George and Harrison discuss the progress made during 2015 in the field of acquired aplastic anemia.

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Using Interim PET to Direct Therapy for Early HL: Trial Results

Drs. Johnson and LaCasce looked at several trials that used interim PET scanning to determine efficacy of treatment of HL.

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Flipping a Switch: Advances in DOAC Reversal in 2015

Dr. Cuker discusses continuous progress in the field of DOACs by looking at two studies.

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Presidents Column

Dr_ Charles Abrams - President's Column

Charles S. Abrams, MD

Professor of Medicine, Pathology, and Laboratory Medicine; Director PENN-CHOP Blood Center for Patient Care and Discovery, Philadelphia, PA
A New Year Full of Promise for ASH
January 11, 2016

In his first President's Column, Dr. Abrams sheds light on the meaningful ways in which ASH is a leader in hematology and sets the stage for how ASH can continue to expand outreach and growth on a global scale in 2016.

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Clinical Trials Corner

Extending the Global REACH of Hydroxyurea
October 19, 2015

Dr. Quinn discusses the REACH study as part of several studies that look at hydroxyurea for the treatment of children with sickle cell anemia in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Ask The Hematologist

Ask the Hematologist: Management Approach to Primary Cold Agglutinin Disease
February 12, 2016

Dr. Berentsen explains his management approach to patients with primary chronic cold agglutinin disease (CAD).

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Mini Review

Applications of Single-Cell Mass Cytometry (CyTOF) in Hematologic Malignancies
October 20, 2015

Drs. Oh and Fisher discuss the application of mass cytometry to analyze disease evolution in hematologic malignancies.

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57th ASH Annual Meeting Wrap-Up: Hematology's Own Cambrian Explosion
January 11, 2016

Dr. Michaelis discusses advances in hematology and emerging therapeutics discussed during the 57th ASH Annual Meeting in Orlando.

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  • What Hematologists Need to Know About Alternative Payment Models in Medicare Part II

    A second look at the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA).  ASH previously examined the new Merit-Based Incentive Payment System and what it means for hematologists.  MACRA also offers an alternative path for physicians to participate in “alternative payment models”.  ASH explores what models might qualify as “alternative” and how hematologists may be able to participate.   

  • ASH 2015 Highlights New Payment Models and Performance Measurement

    The 2015 ASH Quality Symposium and the 2015 ASH Practice Partnership lunch addressed two sides of the issue of how hematologists can demonstrate their value and get paid for providing it.

  • ASH Report from the AMA House of Delegates

    The ASH Delegation has returned from the interim meeting of the American Medical Meeting House of Delegates. Working with the AMA has enabled ASH to influence many policies and special access to influential advisory groups.

  • What Hematologist Need to Know about the Medicare Merit-based Incentive Payment System

    In April, 2015, the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization (MACRA) was signed into law. The headline at the time of passage was the end of the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula that had for so many years mandated large annual Medicare payment cuts to physicians. MACRA did not just affect the overall payment mechanism – it also created a new pay for performance system for physicians. Many of these elements are similar or identical to the existing pay-for-performance program in Medicare but we will highlight some of the differences.

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