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How I Treat Newly Diagnosed Myeloma

Noopur Raje, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital

Saturday, September 9, 2017 2:00 p.m.
Fairmont Chicago, Millennium Park, Chicago, IL

The approval of several different classes of drugs in recent years has resulted in a dramatic expansion of treatment options for multiple myeloma patients, improving both survival and quality of life. Immunomodulatory drugs and proteasome inhibitors are core components of treatment at the time of diagnosis. Recent clinical trials using combinations of these drugs have demonstrated unprecedented improvements in efficacy while maintaining tolerability. These have afforded us the opportunity to aim for increasing depths of response and achievement of minimal residual disease state. Dr Raje will review recent data in the context of newly diagnosed patients both in the transplant and non-transplant patient population. She will then focus on special situations and discuss her treatment preferences.

About the Speaker

Raje Noopur

Noopur Raje, MD, is director of the Center for Multiple Myeloma and the Rita Kelley Chair in Oncology at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. Her primary focus is treating patients with multiple myeloma and related plasma cell disorders. Dr. Raje leads a dedicated clinical team engaged in investigator-initiated, multicenter national and international clinical trials, all aimed at developing new promising therapies for multiple myeloma. Her laboratory efforts are focused on identifying cellular signaling pathways that contribute to the survival and proliferation of myeloma cells in the bone environment and whose targeting may result in improved therapeutic outcomes. Her efforts are geared towards understanding the genetic heterogeneity of myeloma and designing trials to specifically harness these. She also focuses her laboratory efforts on understanding bone disease biology and translating these findings for the development of novel bone therapeutics.

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