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2016 ASH Meeting on Lymphoma Biology

The ASH Meeting on Lymphoma Biology was held June 18-21, 2016, at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The goal of the meeting was to further the understanding of lymphoma pathogenesis and accelerate new therapies by providing a forum for scientific exchange. The four-day meeting included didactic sessions, abstract presentations, and interactive workshops/panel discussions. The target audience for this meeting included laboratory-based scientists, translational investigators, pharmaceutical scientists, and others interested in lymphoma science.

Meeting Objectives

  • Outline recent efforts to define the genetic and epigenetic alterations in lymphoma
  • Assess the state of cancer immunotherapy and its applications to lymphoma
  • Identify the role of RNA metabolism and its relevance in lymphoma tumor development
  • Explain the role of tumor heterogeneity and tumor microenvironment in lymphoma treatment
  • Recognize new insights on B-cell receptor signaling, its regulation and its role in lymphoma tumor development and progression
  • Outline new exciting targeted therapies and clinical trials for lymphoma
  • Identify the key subsets in clinical treatment of lymphoma that would benefit from improved therapies
  • Describe strategies for improved collaborations among the researchers in the field
  • Identify the top scientific topics in lymphoma biology for consideration by funding agencies/foundations

Keynote Speakers:

Michael Stratton, MBBS, PhD
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Genetics of Cancer

Hao Wu, PhD
Boston Children's Hospital, Boston, MA
Elucidation of Macromolecular Interactions Using Structural Biology

Steering Committee:


  • Ash Alizadeh, MD, PhD
    Stanford University, Stanford, CA
  • Randy Gascoyne, MD
    British Columbia Cancer Agency, Vancouver, Canada
  • Margot Thome, PhD
    University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Committee Members:

  • Kojo Elenitoba-Johnson, MD
    University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
  • Ari Melnick, MD
    Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, NY
  • Laura Pasqualucci, MD
    Institute for Cancer Genetic, Columbia University, New York, NY
  • Louis Staudt, MD, PhD
    NCI, NIH, Bethesda, MD
  • Freda Stevenson, Dphil
    University of Southampton, Southampton, UK
  • Hendrik Veelken, MD, PhD
    Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands
  • David Weinstock, MD
    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA
  • Catherine Wu, MD
    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA
  • Anas Younes, MD
    Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY

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