American Society of Hematology

Hematology In-Service Exam

Dates of 2018 Exam: March 27-28, 2018

Registration for the 2017 exam is now closed. Registration for the 2018 exam will open in the fall. You can continue to access your receipts by visiting the Trainee Enrollment Center.

ASH’s Hematology In-Service Exam (ISE) is a low-stakes exam intended to be used as a medical knowledge competency assessment tool that can also provide training program feedback about the effectiveness of their curriculum. Hematology training programs in North America and around the world have been using the Hematology ISE since 2009.

The price for the exam is $250 per fellow. Each program can register one key faculty member to take the exam for a discounted price of $50. If a registrant cannot take the exam after registration closes, a refund will be sent back to the program minus the $25 registration fee.

Eligibility and Registration

ASH’s Hematology In-Service Exam (ISE) is a low-stakes exam intended to be used as a medical knowledge competency assessment tool that can also provide training program feedback about the effectiveness of their curriculum . ASH welcomes all training programs to register for the ISE. There is no individual registration for the exam; all registration must be done through the training program. US-based programs are identified by their 10-digit Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) number (example: 155XXXXXXX). Other programs are assigned 10-digit codes by ASH. If you are a new program and would like to register for the ISE, please contact

ASH works with the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) to administer the test. After registration with ASH, instructions for Chief Proctors and Administrators for accessing the NBME portal will be sent from ASH and NBME staff. Please be cognizant of the various communications throughout the process.

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Process and Timeline

Registration OpensNovember 20, 2017
Registration ClosesFebruary 9, 2018
Workstation CertificationMarch 5, 2018
In-Service ExamMarch 27-28, 2018
Post-Test Program VerificationCompleted by April 20, 2018
Scores PostedMay 2018


All programs can register for the ISE through our Trainee Enrollment Center. Program Coordinators and Program Directors are the only program representatives that will have access to the registration site. If you are new to your institution or have had a personnel change, please contact the ASH Training Department at to update our database. Follow the prompts through the site. Please read all the prompts, some pages will only be available the first time logged into the site during the current registration cycle. One of the first pages will be a roster of past test takers from your program. If they are participating in the exam this year, this is an expedited way to add them to your roster.

Accommodations can be made for special situations regarding testing, which include:

  • Fellows who are nursing mothers
  • ADA testing accommodations for extra time
  • Two programs are sharing a testing location
  • Fellow on off-site rotation and testing at a different training program which is also testing

If these or similar situations will impact your program on testing day, please indicate on that page if you need special accommodations and let us know by e-mailing ASH Training Department at Please include your program name, ACGME number and the fellow(s) affected. Although ASH does not need to know when North America based programs are testing, we do need that information for international programs in order to coordinate technical support and exam availability.

Please contact the ASH Training Department at with your preferred date from the options listed below.

  • March 27, 2018, 9:00 a.m. local time (please note that the exam becomes available at 12:01 a.m. U.S. Eastern time on March 27, 2018)
  • March 28, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. local time

You have the opportunity to group your fellows in different payment groups to create multiple invoices in case your institution only allows a certain amount per invoice or credit card. Follow the instructions on creating groups if you need this function.

To add registrants manually, click Add a registrant. Searching the registrant’s first name, last name or email address will pull any profile we have listed with that information. If no profiles are available, please click Add new. Fill in the desired information for the new registrant. Please be aware that adding a new registrant effectively creates a new profile in our database. Please enter the most accurate and up to date information possible. This information will be used for the exam.

Once your roster is complete, follow the prompts to finalize and proceed with payment. An invoice will not be created until you click FINALIZE INVOICE on your registration list. This will create an order in our database. Please make sure your registration list is complete before finalization. Once finalized you will not be able to make edits or additions. If you do have edits or additions after finalizing your invoice, please contact

ASH will not send invoices to each program individually. You will be able to view and print your invoice. Individual payments by registrants will not be accepted. There is also the opportunity to pay by credit card. Credit card payments are immediately applied to the order. Check payments take about 5 to 7 business days to process once ASH receives it. Scores will not be posted for programs until payment is received.

Web Admin Tool

After registration has closed, the Chief Proctor will receive a personalized email from the NBME with their site-generated log-ins. This communication will provide instructions on how to sign-in to the Web Admin Tool. Through this tool you will be able to access video tutorials on proctoring an exam, a practice-exam, facility readiness checklists, incident reports and instructions on workstation certification. Please be cognizant of the various communications throughout the process.

Workstation Certification

Two weeks before the exam, the Chief Proctor will receive instruction on how to complete your Workstation Certification. The Workstation Certification is a web-based tool that allows Chief Proctors to certify workstations in any testing room that will be used to deliver NBME web-based exams.

This tool ensures that all workstations meet a minimum level of requirement for running NBME web-based exams. It will also provide NBME with enhanced monitoring and tracking capabilities in the event an issue is reported for a specific workstation. Please be cognizant of the various communications throughout the process.

In-Service Exam

The exam will begin 9:00 a.m. local time. The exam is offered on two days to allow for fellows scheduling, but the exam must be completed on the day it is started. Fellows should set aside six hours to complete the exam. Please refer to the NBME Proctor Manual on the Web Admin Tool for instructions on proctoring the exam. If you have any problems, please contact the NBME Support Desk at 215-495-6000 or

Post-Test Program Verification

After testing is over, Chief Proctors will receive instructions on how to verify their program and participant information through the NBME portal. Verification is an important step because it will be the last opportunity to ensure that all the information for your program and participants is correct before scoring begins and edits are no longer accepted. Information such as missing or untested participants, program year, birthday, institution affiliation, address, etc. should be accurate and up to date. The most important aspect of verification is making sure that fellows are in the correct cohort (first-, second-, or third-year fellow) as scores are reported for each class of fellows. Demographic information effecting score reports cannot be changed after post-test verification.


Scores will be posted on the NBME Portal approximately two months after the exam. Instructions on how to access the scores will be sent when the scores are released. Score reports will not be sent out to individual programs. Scores will not be posted for programs until payment is received. If you are unsure about your payment status please contact the ASH Training Department at or ASH Customer Service at 866-828-1231 or

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I can't sign into the registration site.
Your username and/or password may need to be updated. Please contact either or for assistance.

I can't view certain aspects of the registration site.
Our webpages are browser and firewall sensitive. Please try a different browser if you are having trouble viewing any component of the registration site. If you continue to have trouble, please contact ASH Training Associate Johanna Madero at

My program information and/or Program Director’s Information is incorrect and when I try to update it does not show correctly.
Please be assured that your edits are saved in our system. We are working to correct your view once you have updated the information. Continuing to update multiple times will create multiple records in our database causing a hiccup in the system.

Its exam day and my examinee can’t sign in!
Some of the demographic information that we use as a security measure may be incorrect. For example, often the birthday or email address was entered incorrectly. For issues similar to this, please contact ASH Training Associate Johanna Madero at 202-823-4882 or For technical issues, like the site being blocked or the exam not starting, please contact NBME Support Desk at 215-495-6000 or

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For general questions about the In-Service Exam and the registration process, please contact the ASH Training Department at 202-823-4882 or or ASH Customer Service at 866-828-1231 or

For technical questions regarding proctoring the exam, post-test program verification, the proctor manual, incident reports or any technical issues, please contact the NBME Support Desk at 215-495-6000 or

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