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ASH Pocket Guides App

The ASH Pocket Guides app includes interactive versions of all the Society's clinical quick reference guides and is available for Android, iOS, and the web. In addition to the pocket guide contents, the app includes tools to aid in clinical decision making, including: bleeding score and 4Ts calculators; calculators for initial and chronic warfarin dosing; and interactive algorithms for the diagnosis and management of HIT and VWD.

ASH Guides is currently available for iOS devices and Android.

If you encounter errors or have difficulty using ASH Pocket Guides App, please contact ASH customer service at 1-866-828-1231. International callers dial 001 202-776-0544.

How to Download & Install

Web Access
Note: Active internet connection required for web access

Access the web version of the app

For iOS Devices

Download and Install the App from the Apple App Store

For Android Devices

Download & Install the App from Google Play

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