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The Minority Medical Student Award Program now has two research experience models. Students can either choose the summer option to conduct their research project in 8 to 12 weeks between June and August, or the flexible option to complete it in 12 months (approximately 320-480 hours based on 40 hours, 8 to 12 work weeks).






Please e-mail a copy of your current NIH bio sketch, including current research support, to

In the event that an applicant requests to be placed with a mentor matching your area of research, you will be contacted by ASH staff to confirm your availability. Your contact information will not be released to applicants without your approval.

Research mentors are members of ASH who assume the responsibility of overseeing the participant's work and progress. As a research mentor, you are responsible for helping the applicant develop a research proposal for the application; however, please know there is no guarantee the applicant will be accepted into the program.

Once participants have been identified for the program, the Committee on Promoting Diversity assigns each participant with a career development mentor. For the purpose of this program, mentoring is defined as the process of guiding, supporting, and promoting the training and career development of others. The key roles of a mentor include, but are not limited to, providing intellectual growth and development, career development, professional guidance, advocacy, and positive role modeling. We ask that mentors maintain regular contact with mentees through a combination of email, phone, and in-person communication. Every effort will be made during the matching process to have the mentee be local; if not in the same institution, within the same city whenever possible.

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