American Society of Hematology

Henry M. Stratton Medal Recipients (Formerly Lecture)

The prize is named after the late Henry Maurice Stratton, who made significant contributions to the Society and founded the medical publishing house of Grune and Stratton with Mr. L.H. Grunebaum. The Henry M. Stratton Medal is intended to honor an individual, age 51 or above (at time of nomination), who has made outstanding contributions to hematology.

ASH presents this award to two individuals annually,

  1. One who has made outstanding contributions in basic science, and;
  2. One for achievements in clinical research or translational research.

Clinical research is defined by the definition accepted in the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Clinical Research Roundtable as T1 (clinical translation of a basic science discovery to prevention, diagnosis or treatment of a hematological disease) or T2 (the translation of results from clinical studies into everyday clinical practice and health decision making).


2016 J. Evan Sadler and Ayalew Tefferi
2015 Nancy Speck and Karl Welte
2014 Geraldine P. Schechter and Timothy Springer
2013 Nancy Andrews and Elaine Jaffe
2012 David Ginsburg and Richard Aster
2011 Ching-Hon Pui
2010 Sanford Shattil
2009 Connie Eaves
2008 Clara D. Bloomfield
2007 Carlo Croce
2006 Jack Hirsh
2005 Barry Coller
2004 Stanley Korsmeyer
2003 Janet Rowley
2002 George Stamatoyannopoulos
2001 Harold R. Roberts
2000 H. Franklin Bunn
1999 Helen Ranney
1998 Arthur W. Nienhuis
1997 Rainer Storb
1996 Bernard Forget
1995 David Nathan
1994 Titus H.J. Huisman
1993 Earl W. Davie
1992 Kenneth G. Mann
1991 Ralph L. Nachman
1990 Malcolm Moore
1989 Aaron J. Marcus
1988 Robert S. Schwartz
1987 Robert C. Gallo
1986 Bernard Babior
1985 Vincent DeVita
1984 Samuel Rapaport
1983 Eugene P. Cronkite
1982 Ernest A. McCulloch
1981 Clement A. Finch
1980 Yuet W. Kan
1979 Henry S. Kaplan
1978 William N. Valentine
1977 Thomas A. Waldmann
1976 Wendell F. Rosse
1975 E. Donnall Thomas
1974 Ernest Beutler
1973 Albert S. Gordon
1972 Oscar D. Ratnoff
1971 H.G. Kunkel
1970 W.R. Bruce

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