American Society of Hematology

E. Donnall Thomas Lecture and Prize Recipients

This lectureship was created in 1992 and named after the late Nobel Prize laureate and past society president E. Donnall Thomas. The E. Donnall Thomas Lecture and Prize is intended to recognize pioneering research achievements in hematology that have represented a paradigm shift or significant discovery in the field.

Visit Dr. Thomas' Legends in Hematology page to learn more about his life and importance to hematology or to share your thoughts and recollections of him through ASH's Legends in Hematology guestbook.


2016 David Scadden
2015 Barbara Furie and Bruce Furie
2014 Tomas Ganz
2013 Katherine A. High
2012 Timothy J. Ley
2011 George Q. Daley
2010 Leonard I. Zon
2009 John E. Dick
2008 Neal S. Young
2007 Hal E. Broxmeyer
2006 E. Richard Stanley
2005 Rainer Storb
2004 Donald Metcalf
2003 Ernest Beutler
2002 Kenneth Mann
2001 Samuel E. Lux IV
2000 David Ginsburg
1999 Irving Weissman
1998 Stuart H. Orkin
1997 Robert Rosenberg
1996 Stanley Korsmeyer
1995 Charles Esmon
1994 Thomas P. Maniatis
1993 Thomas P. Stossel
1992 Stuart Kornfeld

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