American Society of Hematology

William Dameshek Prize Recipients

This award is named for the late Dr. William Dameshek, a past president of the Society. Dr. Dameshek made major contributions to the Society and was the first editor of its journal, Blood. The Dameshek Prize is to be awarded to an individual, no more than 50 years of age (at time of nomination) who has made outstanding contributions in hematology.


2017 Benjamin L. Ebert, MD, PhD
2016 Charles Mullighan, MD, MBBS (Hons)
2015 John C. Byrd
2014 Scott Armstrong
2013 Andrew S. Weyrich
2012 Margaret A. Goodell
2011 Christoph Klein
2010 David T. Scadden
2009 Louis M. Staudt
2008 Kenneth Anderson
2007 William P. Vainchenker
2006 Riccardo Dalla-Favera
2005 John Dick
2004 Ronald Levy
2003 Gary Gilliland
2002 Catherine Verfaillie
2001 Brian Druker
2000 David A. Williams
1999 Salvador Moncada
1998 J. Evan Sadler
1997 Björn Dahlbäck
1996 Kenneth Kaushansky
1995 James Ihle
1994 George J. Broze Jr.
1993 Owen Witte
1992 Richard D. Klausner
1991 Makio Ogawa
1990 Thalia Papayannopoulou and George Stamatoyannopoulos
1989 Samuel E. Lux IV
1988 Theodore S. Zimmerman
1987 Charles Sherr
1986 Stuart Orkin
1985 Thomas F. Deuel
1984 Barbara C. and Bruce Furie
1983 Thomas P. Stossel
1982 Janet D. Rowley
1981 Philip W. Majerus
1979 Yuet W. Kan
1978 Robert D. Rosenberg
1977 Yale Nemerson
1976 Robert I. Weed
1975 Charlotte Friend 
1974 Robert C. Gallo

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