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ASH Scholar Award Program Terms and Conditions


In the event the scholar transfers to another institution during the funding period, continuation of the funding at the new institution may be allowed with prior approval from the Society. To obtain permission, the scholar must make a request in writing to the Society before the transfer occurs.


Scholars may request a reallocation of funds from one expense category to another by submitting the request in writing to the Treasurer at the Society's headquarters. This written request must specify the dollar amount, which categories are impacted, and a justification as to why this change is necessary.

All transfer and/or rebudgeting requests must be sent to ASH Awards at, who will work with the ASH Treasurer to make final determinations.

Changing Mentors

Please contact if you need to change primary mentors. This must be approved by the Awards Committee chair.

Progress Reports Mid-Award

Scholar Award recipients are required to submit an end of year evaluation form, as well as a current biosketch to the Society. The evaluation form is a series of short questions. The form should be accompanied by a letter from a division head or department chair requesting second year funding. It should also provide assurances that the Scholar’s work has progressed and that both appropriate facilities and the mentor will continue to be available. Scholars with 2-year awards will need to submit an evaluation form at the end of year 1 of their award. Scholars whose award is spread over 3 years should submit an evaluation at the end of years 1 and 2.

Failure to submit the evaluation report, including the letter, after the first year and/or second year will render the scholar ineligible for the second or third year of funding.

Final Reports

A final written report (not to exceed four pages) is expected within 30 days of the end of the award period. Scholar Award recipients, along with the financial officers from their institutions, must also submit a financial report detailing how the funds were used over the two- or three-year period. This report must be sent to ASH Awards at within 60 days of the end of the award period.

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