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Bridge Grant Terms and Conditions


Awards are not transferrable between individuals or across institutions. An award recipient who changes institutions during the award period would forfeit the award, and the institution would need to return all remaining award funds to ASH upon the recipient's departure.

Reallocation, Extension, and Deferral

All reallocation, extension, and/or referral requests and justifications must be sent to ASH’s Awards and Diversity Programs department will support the ASH Treasurer as he/she evaluates each request.

  • Award recipients may request a reallocation of funds from one expense category to another by submitting the request in writing to the ASH Treasurer. The request must specify the dollar amount, which categories are impacted, and a justification as to why the change is necessary. The salary from the ASH award to the investigator must remain within +/- 10 percent of the original budget proposal submitted with the application.
  • Funded researchers may apply for no-cost extension.
  • Requests for deferrals of the commencement of the award for up to three months will be considered. Deferral requests should be noted in the award application, emailed to ASH staff following application but before notification, or emailed within 10 business days of the award notification.


An award will be terminated if the applicant moves to a non-research position, leaves the institution at which he/she worked at the start of the award, or is dismissed from the institution.

Final Reports

Award recipients are required to submit final progress reports to the Society within 60 days of the end of the award period. Payment of the final installment of the award is contingent upon receipt of a properly completed final report.

Award recipients are required to submit final progress reports to the Society within 60 days of the end of the award period. Failure to submit the progress report in a timely fashion will render the awardee ineligible for the final installment of the award.

The final report will be administered through an online survey platform. ASH will send a link to the final report toward the end of the award period. Award recipients should be prepared to provide information on, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Number of extramural grants applied for and obtained during the grant period.
  • Number of patents submitted and awarded during the grant period.
  • Number of publications submitted and published during the grant period.
  • Final financial report describing actual expenses and variances to budget.

Award recipients will be expected to cite support from ASH in any publication, poster, or presentation describing research conducted during the period of the award.

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