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Bridge Grant Application Process

All applications and supporting documents must be submitted through ASH’s online awards module. If you are having trouble completing your application online, please email to request assistance. An Awards staff member will be happy to walk you through the process.

Required Documents

All applicants must submit the following documents and forms which are provided in the online awards system:

  • Completed Bridge Grant application form, signed by the office of sponsored research
  • Completed Budget Supplemental form
  • Applicant’s NIH Biosketch (five-page limit).
  • The biosketch must be in the new standard NIH biographical sketch format and must include present position, training, publications, and other current funding.

  • An institutional commitment letter
  • The letter must signed by the applicant’s department chair or division chief and should attest to the following: the institutional commitment to applicant; the value of the applicant to the institution; the explicit institutional match of $50,000 in new monies (see more information below); the commitment to maintaining the investigator’s space and position for the duration of the award; and the training or other professional development opportunities the institution develops that will be available to the applicant during the period of the award.

  • Specific aims page from original R01
  • Please DO NOT include the complete R01 application.

  • Complete summary statement from original R01
  • This should include the committee recommendations and individual study section member critiques from the original R01 submission. Please redact all scores and percentiles from this summary statement and all other documents in your application as they will not be used by the ASH study section during the review process.

  • A response to critiques from original R01
  • For applicants whose initial (A0) application was not funded: include a two-page response to the study section critiques that address the work to be performed prior to resubmission and how each major issue raised in the critique can be answered in a resubmission (document format should follow NIH guidelines).

    For applicants whose resubmitted (A1) application was not funded: include a proposed one-page "specific aims" statement from the next R01 you intend to submit, as well as up to two pages describing how these aims are achievable in the light of the non-funded A1 critiques and your ongoing and near future research plans (document format should follow NIH guidelines).

  • Written documentation from NIH confirming that your R01 score fell outside of the fundable range
  • First-year budget from R01
  • This will be used only to confirm the percent effort of the applicant on the original R01 application. If your R01 was built on a modular budget, please also provide a detailed budget breakdown.

Matching Funds and Budget

ASH intends for the applicant’s institution to match $50,000 in funds to ensure the investigator has sufficient support for his/her research efforts. The match is also meant to illuminate the institution’s support for the investigator; and documentation of the match will be considered during the study section review. Inadequate documentation of the match may result in a rejection of the application prior to review.

The matching funds may be used to support the investigator's salary and benefits, reagents and other research supplies, and the salary and benefits of research personnel. Indirect costs can account for up to $25,000 of the matching funds. Equipment purchases of up to $10,000 for use by the investigator can also be credited toward the match.

The Society recognizes that a lapse in grant funding may occur before the ASH Bridge Grant is awarded. Within reason, funds provided to the investigator following this lapse in funding but prior to the ASH Bridge Grant being awarded may be counted toward the match. The institutional commitment letter should attest to the necessity of accounting these funds toward the match.

The matching funds should be well documented in the application. Ideally, applicants will present a visual description of how the matching funds will contribute to their overall research effort in combination with the ASH Bridge Grant and other available funding.

ASH will pay the award in two installments. The first installment of $130,000 will be given upon acceptance of the award. The second installment of $20,000 will be given to the awardee upon receipt of the final award report.

The following expenses are allowable in the $150,000 ASH Bridge Grant budget:

  • PI salary (the percent effort and related salary from the unfunded R01 should be retained) and fringe benefits
  • Travel, if well justified
  • Salary and fringe benefits of research personnel
  • Research supplies
  • Equipment (up to $10,000 if required for and justified by the applicant)

Eligibility Review

ASH will perform a preliminary review of these materials to confirm eligibility and completeness. Incomplete applications and applications submitted by ineligible applicants will not be reviewed.

Evaluation, Selection, and Notification

All eligible applications will be reviewed by the Bridge Grant study section based on the scientific merit of proposed research, the quality of the response to the NIH critique, and the applicant. Award winners will be notified in early February for Cycle A and mid-June for Cycle B.

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