American Society of Hematology

Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for an ASH Bridge Grant, at the time of application the applicant must:

  • Have submitted a hematology-related R01 or R01-equivalent application to the NIH in the past 18 months that was scored but not funded. This may include a first time submission.
    • Please note: The 18-month timeframe begins the date your R01 was reviewed by the NIH study section. ASH uses the NIH definition of R01 equivalence: “R01-equivalent awards include R01, R23, R29, and R37 activity codes and, beginning in fiscal year 2008, DP2 awards to first-time NIH investigators. Not all of these activities are in use by NIH every year.”
  • Be an ASH member or have a pending membership application. (Membership must be maintained throughout the award period.)
    • Not an ASH member yet?Take the first step. Please note that you must be an ASH member by the award activation date. If you have a pending application and are awarded a Bridge Grant, your award will be conditional based upon membership approval. Membership is only granted twice a year, so please be aware of important membership deadlines.
  • Hold a faculty position in an academic institution or the equivalent position in a non-profit research organization. Employees of independent research institutions are eligible to apply if they have a faculty type appointment and the institution is allowed to independently apply for and receive NIH funding.


  • At the time of award activation, the amount of other research funding available to the principal investigator may not exceed $250,000 annually. This amount does not include the applicant’s salary/fringe or funding from within the institution.
  • Hematologists eligible to apply for the ASH Scholar Award are not eligible to apply for the ASH Bridge Grant.
  • Individuals cannot hold two active ASH awards concurrently. If an award ends before the Bridge Grant begins, you may apply but there can be no overlap.
  • Individuals can apply a maximum of three times.
  • Previous Bridge Grant recipients cannot apply for a second award.
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