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ASH Visitor Training Program

The 2018 application cycle is now closed.

The purpose of the Visitor Training Program (VTP) is to help build hematology capacity in developing countries, ultimately improving patient care. The VTP provides funding for hematologists or hematology-related health care professionals in the developing world to receive up to 12 weeks of training on a specific topic or technique. Training is designed to address a specific hematology need and is carried out in the clinic or laboratory of an ASH member, under his/her supervision and mentorship. Upon completion of the training program, participants return to their home institutions to implement their newly acquired skills and knowledge.

Program Benefits

  • The VTP award will cover round trip airfare, accommodations, and daily living expenses during the duration of the training* as well as visa fees.
  • By implementing the training in their home institution, awardees will have the opportunity to increase hematology capacity for themselves and their colleagues, ultimately leading to improved patient care.
  • By training with an ASH member, the awardee will participate in the rigorous scientific community of ASH.

*Please note that if you are selected for this award, you can decide your own training dates (with the approval of your host mentor) anytime within one year of receiving the award.

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Application and Mentor Request Form AvailableNovember 2018
Deadline to Request Assistance in Identifying a MentorJanuary 2019
Application DeadlineApril 2019
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Eligibility Requirements

  • Hematologists or hematology-related health care professionals working in a hospital or a research institution in one of the countries defined as developing by ASH are welcome to apply.
  • Applicants may be at any stage in their careers.
  • Applicants do not need to be ASH members.
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  • All VTP applications must be submitted electronically through the online application portal. Submissions received in any other format will not be considered. Instructions for creating a user account and completing an application are included on the portal website.
  • The primary focus must be on specific training in procedures that will benefit hematology patient care at the applicant’s home institution.
  • Relevant equipment and supplies necessary to implement the training requested must be available at the home institution and must be clearly identified in the application.
  • The VTP is intended to build capacity. Participants must implement the training at their home institution upon their return. Individual research projects will not be considered.
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Host Institution and Mentor

  • The host institution can be located anywhere in the world.
  • The host mentor may be from any country.
  • The host mentor must be a current ASH member in good standing on the day the application is submitted.
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Request Assistance in Selecting a Mentor

Although applicants are strongly encouraged to identify and contact their own host mentor, applicants may request assistance in selecting a mentor by submitting a mentor request form. The mentor request form must be received by January 2019 via the online application portal.

Please note that ASH can only make suggestions for a host mentor; ASH cannot guarantee placement with a host mentor.

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Review, Selection, and Notification

The ASH International Members Committee (IMC) oversees this program and selects participants. Applicants will be notified of the IMC decision by mid-July.back to top

How to Apply

Step 1: Identify a specific topic or technique that will benefit hematology patient care at your hospital or institution. Your hospital/laboratory must have the infrastructure to support and implement the training you receive. For example, if you wish to receive training in flow cytometry, your hospital must have a flow cytometer and financial resources to purchase necessary supplies and maintenance.

Step 2: Identify and contact a host mentor. The host mentor must be an ASH member in good standing on the date of the application deadline and may be located anywhere in the world. The host mentor must agree to the responsibilities of participating in the VTP. Applicants are strongly encouraged to identify their mentor independently; however, if you wish to have assistance identifying a mentor, you must submit a mentor request form.

Step 3: Complete the required application forms and additional documents. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Step 4: Submit all the documents by the appropriate deadline. All materials must be submitted through the online application portal.

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Application Guidelines

All documents listed below in sections A, B, and C must be submitted with the application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

A. To Be Submitted by the Applicant

  1. Visitor Training Program Application Form
    • ALL sections must be completed.
    • Include all the relevant signatures (supervisor at home institution, host mentor).
    • Original signatures may be scanned, but signatures in type font will not be accepted. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.
  2. Applicant Curriculum Vitae
    • Please upload your most current Curriculum Vitae form to your final application.
  3. Budget
    • Your “budget” will determine the amount of the award that you receive if selected to participate in the VTP. This amount should take into consideration the cost of airfare to and from the host institution, cost of accommodations for the entire training period (monthly rent), expenses for daily meals and ground transportation, and visa fees.

B. To Be Submitted by the Applicant's Immediate Supervisor or Department Head

  1. Home Institution Support Form
    This form must:
    • Be completed by the appropriate home institution representative.
    • Be typed
    • Include the signature of the applicant's immediate supervisor or department head (original signatures may be scanned; signatures in type font will not accepted.)
    • Be received by the deadline.
  2. Home Institution Letter of Support
    • This letter must convey the home institution's support of the training and reassure that the appropriate elements are in place to implement the requested training upon the participant's return to the home institution.

C. To Be Submitted by the Applicant’s Proposed Host Mentor

  1. Host Institution Letter of Recommendation
    Letters must:
    • Be on an official letterhead.
    • Describe how the proposed training will be conducted and describe the infrastructure available to support the trainee.
    • Include the mentor’s ASH membership number. Mentors must be members of ASH in good standing on the day the application is received. It is the host mentor’s responsibility to ensure he or she is an ASH Member in good standing. Mentors may be from any country in the world.
    • Include the signature of the proposed host mentor (original signatures may be scanned; signatures in type font will not be accepted.)
    • Be received by the deadline. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure the host mentor has submitted the form by the deadline.
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Please ensure that all items on the following checklist are submitted.

  • Completed VTP Application Form including:
    • Statement of Training
    • Host Mentor and Institution Information
    • ASH Membership Number of Host Mentor
    • Signature of Immediate Supervisor
    • Signature of Host Mentor
  • Appendix A: Home Institution Support Form
  • Appendix B: Home Institution Support Letter
  • The applicant’s most current Curriculum Vitae
  • Appendix C: Host Institution Letter of Recommendation
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Applicants who are selected to participate agree to:

  • Complete the training within one year of notification of the award.
  • Give at least two months’ notice of arrival to the host mentor and ASH headquarters staff.
  • Coordinate the time and necessary materials for training with the host mentor and IMC counselor.
  • Communicate in a language acceptable to the host mentor.
  • Participate in follow-up evaluations as requested.

Host Mentor

The host mentor agrees to:

  • Prepare the appropriate training and fully engage the participant.
  • Assist the participant with adapting to the culture of the host institution and country.
  • Ensure that appropriate permission is granted for the participant to train at the host institution.
  • Participate in follow-up evaluations as requested.

IMC Counselor

All participants will be assigned an IMC counselor. IMC counselors agree to:

  • Assist the participant with understanding the rigorous scientific community of ASH, including networking opportunities and opportunities to become further engaged in ASH.
  • Follow up with participants and host mentors to conduct evaluations as requested by the Chair of the IMC, generally shortly after training and six months after training.
  • Report the progress of the participant to the IMC.
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Participant Program Evaluations

An integral aspect of the Visitor Training Program (VTP) is measuring the degree to which participants are able to implement the training they receive at their home institutions after the completion of their VTP experience. To do this, the International Members Committee (IMC) has developed participant evaluation forms that must be completed by VTP participants 30 days and 1 year after they have concluded their training. The purpose of the evaluation forms is to:

  • Measure the scope of implementation of the training received at the participant's home institution
  • Assess the impact of the program on the participant's professional career
  • Give the participant an opportunity to provide feedback on their personal experiences with the program
  • Allow the participant to express any issues that have arisen since returning to his or her home institution concerning the implementation of skills and procedures learned

It is important that you inform the International Programs Coordinator when you have completed your training at the host institution. You will receive an email with a link to the evaluation forms at the appropriate intervals following your training or you may access the forms below.

30 Day Evaluation Form

Six Month Evaluation Form

One Year Evaluation Form

Mentor Evaluation Form

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If you have any questions or require any additional information regarding the ASH Visitor Training Program, please review the VTP Frequently Asked Questions or contact Erin Sheek, International Programs Coordinator, at or 202-552-4941.

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