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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the ASH Bridge Grant Program

Why did ASH create this award?

ASH's new bridge grant program was designed by ASH leadership to help close a gap in funding for research that is being created by cuts to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) budget. Dramatic cuts proposed for 2013 follow years of flat funding for NIH and will result in many talented scientists abandoning their research careers and will slow momentum for finding new treatments, or even cures, for some of the most deadly diseases. By creating this award, ASH is committing to those who have committed their careers to hematology research, and pledging to support their efforts and retain them in the field. While this new grant program will not solve the problem of inadequate NIH funding, the new program represents the Society's commitment to fighting for hematology research.

Why is NIH subject to across-the-board funding cuts?

The 2013 NIH budget is subject to across-the-board cuts, known as "sequestration," as a direct result of the failure of last year's Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (commonly referred to as the "Super Committee") to reach agreement on a federal deficit-reduction proposal. Despite legislation passed by Congress to delay across-the-board cuts to all federally funded programs, the NIH budget faces severe cuts on March 1, 2013 unless Congress once again acts to avert sequestration.

Who is eligible for an ASH bridge grant?

ASH members in good standing (at the time of application and throughout the application review and award period) who have submitted a hematology-related R01 (or equivalent) application to NIH in the past 18 months that was scored and not funded are eligible for an ASH Bridge Grant.

I was a co-investigator (but not a PI) on an unsuccessful R01 application. Can that application be the underlying R01 for the bridge grant?

No, only R01s on which the bridge grant applicant played a PI or co-PI role can serve as the underlying R01 for the bridge grant application.

My R01 resubmission was scored but not funded. Can I apply using the resubmission as the basis for my bridge grant application?

Yes. ASH will accept either an initial R01 application or a resubmission application as the underlying basis for the bridge grant application. All other aspects of the program apply regardless of whether the R01 used as a basis was an initial submission or resubmission. In particular, the R01 application must have been scored, and documentation from the NIH must be provided about the outcome of the R01 application.

Would I base the "18-month" cut-off on when I submitted my R01/R01 equivalent grant or when it was scored?

The "18-month" cut-off is based on when your R01/R01 A1 was reviewed by the study section.

I don't have a review of the resubmission, what will I need to submit for the Summary Statement?

ASH will accept the summary from the original submission.

I submitted a Type 2 (competing continuation) R01 application. Can I use this application as the basis for my bridge grant application?

Yes, Type 2 R01s can be used as the as the basis for a bridge grant application. The Type 2 R01 must have been scored, and documentation from the NIH must be provided concerning the outcome of the R01 application.

Are applicants able to provide scores and percentiles throughout the Bridge Grant Application?

No, scores and percentiles are not used during the review of applications. All scores need to be redacted from documents including: Summary Statement, 2-page response and letters of recommendation.

ASH requires bridge grant applicants to submit "Written documentation from NIH concerning the outcome of the R01 submission." What documentation will meet this requirement?

The goal of such documentation is to assure ASH that the R01 application underlying the bridge grant submission will not be funded. The most likely documentation to meet this goal would be a written communication (a copy of an email is sufficient) from the responsible program officer that states your R01 grant was scored but unfunded. Note, that they will not need to include your score or percentile.

Are ASH international members eligible?

Any ASH International member who has submitted an NIH R01 within 18 months of the application due date and meets other eligibility criteria is eligible for this award. There are no exclusions due to geography.

How can I donate to this effort?

Make a gift through the secure donation portion of the ASH website. Subscribe to receive ASH Bridge Grant Program email updates to see your dollars in action, helping provide needed support for your fellow ASH members' research initiatives.

I would like to volunteer to help with ASH's efforts to advocate for sustained NIH funding. How can I help?

Join the ASH Grassroots Network to learn more about the Society's advocacy efforts, join the Society on Hill Days in Washington, participate in Letter to the Editor campaigns, and more.

I want to help. How do I get started?

Great! Here are three things you can do immediately:

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