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Friday Scientific Workshop Guidelines and Application

The application period for the 2018 workshops is now closed.

The purpose of the Friday Scientific Workshops is to discuss the latest scientific developments in a particular field of hematology.

Each workshop should be designed to be a brief presentation of primary data followed by an interactive discussion, rather than the didactic and generally clinical sessions offered at the Friday Satellite Symposia. Attendees should benefit from interactive presentations by world-class scientists as well as young and mid-level principal investigators.

The workshop should reinforce the appeal of attending the ASH annual meeting by scientists from around the world, and it can serve as an introduction to scientific content that will be presented at the ASH annual meeting.


The target audience should be laboratory-based investigators who are interested in a specific scientific area of hematology, which would be a focus of the workshop. The workshop’s presentations and discussions must focus mostly on the basic science; clinical and/or translational research may be mentioned in this context. However, presentations on clinical or treatment strategies should be the purview of the Friday Satellite Symposia.back to top

Workshop Format

If approved, 2018 Friday Scientific Workshops will take place between 1:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m on Friday, November 30, 2018, preceding the ASH annual meeting. There is no fee to register for workshops, and they will be open to all registered participants of the ASH annual meeting. Registration for the ASH annual meeting is a pre-requisite for attending the workshop.

The workshop should be designed to be a brief presentation of primary data followed by an interactive discussion. The primary data presented at the workshop must be substantially different from data that will be presented at the current ASH annual meeting. However, data from an ASH abstract can serve as an introduction to the scientific content of a workshop presentation.

The data presented should be derived from laboratory-based studies. This unique presentation format distinguishes the Friday Scientific Workshops from other components of the ASH annual meeting: Workshops are not a review of ASH annual meeting abstracts nor are they similar to a Scientific or Education Program of invited speakers giving a didactic session. The workshop’s format should be distinct from an ASH annual meeting Special Scientific Symposia or Scientific Program session, in which three speakers give 25-minute invited talks. This is also not meant to be a “Best of ASH,” where the best ASH annual meeting abstracts are summarized. The content of the workshop should also not significantly overlap with any Friday Satellite Symposia.

To encourage interaction, workshop speakers are limited to 10 minutes each (including discussion), and are not permitted to present surveys of the field, summaries of previous data, or acknowledgment slides. Speakers are encouraged to refer to abstracts being presented at the ASH annual meeting to increase attendance at those abstract presentations, but they are not permitted to pre-present those specific abstracts.

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Registration for the ASH annual meeting is a pre-requisite for speaking at the workshop. ASH annual meeting speakers or abstract presenters may also be speakers at the workshop; however, Friday Satellite Symposia speakers will not be able to speak at the workshop. Friday Scientific Workshop participants (chairs, speakers, moderators, etc.) can participate in only one Friday Scientific Workshop. It is the responsibility of the Friday Scientific Workshop organizers to ensure that their speakers have not committed to speak at another Friday Scientific Workshop before confirming their speaker assignment. In general, workshop speakers should usually be principal investigators, as these workshops should present the latest data from an entire laboratory, and not from an individual component of that laboratory. However, workshop organizers may make exceptions to accommodate extraneous circumstances.back to top

ASH Embargo Policy

Workshop participants may not break the embargo; only data contained within the four corners of the abstract may be discussed. Data beyond what is already contained within the published abstract is embargoed until the time of the abstract presentation at the annual meeting and may not be discussed at the workshop. The workshop, however may preview topics that will be discussed in more detail at posters and simultaneous oral sessions in the ASH annual meeting, and invite attendance at those abstract presentations.back to top

COI Disclosure Policy

Workshop co-chairs, session moderators, and speakers will fill out their conflict-of-interest (COI) disclosure in the ASH online speaker management system in accordance with ASH Conflict-of-Interest Policy.

Workshop session moderators and speakers will have a COI disclosure slide generated for them by the ASH A/V vendor; conflicts will be orally disclosed prior to presentation in accordance with ASH Conflict of Interest Policy.

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Continuing medical education (CME) credits cannot be offered at the Friday Scientific Workshops.back to top

Friday Scientific Workshop Fees

There is no payment required to ASH. Organizers will be responsible for all expenses associated with the workshop beyond what is provided by ASH.

ASH will provide the following:

  • Meeting room;
  • Basic audio visual equipment and technician for the duration of the workshop;
  • Designated staff person to be a logistics point person for the organizers.
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The Friday Scientific Workshops will be sponsored solely by ASH. Workshop organizers cannot solicit additional funding from corporate partners or other external sources. ASH reserves the right to raise additional funding for Friday Scientific Workshops. There will be no honoraria, registration remittance, travel support, or lodging support for workshop Chairs, session moderators, or speakers.back to top

Promotion of Friday Scientific Workshops

Information about the workshops will be displayed on the ASH website, in the annual meeting mobile app, and in the annual meeting Program Book. Attendees registering for the annual meeting may be asked whether they plan to attend any of the workshops (at no additional cost) to collect participants’ information and project attendance. ASH will promote the workshops in conjunction with its marketing for the annual meeting.

The workshop organizers are encouraged to do their own marketing/outreach to previous participants. However, marketing/outreach must comply with the following guidelines:

  • ASH must review and approve all promotional materials produced in conjunction with the Friday Scientific Workshop, including invitations, announcements, flyers, websites, and signs. These should be sent to the ASH liaison appointed for that workshop.
  • The deadline to submit promotional materials for ASH approval is Monday, July 23, 2018. Please allow up to five business days for ASH to consider requests for approval.
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Oversight and Review

The Committee on Scientific Affairs will review the Friday Scientific Workshop application and make a recommendation to the Program and Executive Committees for approval. The Committee on Scientific Affairs has direct oversight of workshop program content development, organizers, and speakers. The Committee on Scientific Affairs has the right to alter the program if deemed appropriate. Friday Scientific Workshops are subject to annual review by the Program Committee. The workshop will be peer-reviewed annually to ensure that it meets its goals and objectives. back to top