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2012 NIH Funding Advocacy Highlights

Published on: November 14, 2012

During 2012, ASH was one of the most visible advocates for federal support of biomedical research and took the following actions:

Grassroots Advocacy Campaigns – ASH developed an on-line advocacy campaign for all Grassroots Network Members to join to urge Congress to avert further cuts to medical research. During the past year, ASH involved more members than ever before in grassroots advocacy to support NIH funding.

Town Hall Forums – ASH implemented new software to track every time a Member of Congress schedules a town hall forum and alerts Grassroots Network members when an opportunity to meet with a Member of Congress is scheduled in their area. (Click here for the list of currently scheduled town halls, tips, sample questions, and talking points.)

Patient Advocacy Campaign – ASH also developed a special on-line advocacy campaign for physicians to share with their patients.

Congressional Visits – ASH conducted more Capitol Hill Days than ever before designed to focus on the value of NIH and the need to support research funding. Hundreds of Congressional visits were made by the ASH Committee on Government Affairs, ASH Committee on Scientific Affairs, ASH Advocacy Leadership Institute and ASH Leadership Fly-In participants throughout the year.

White House & Congressional Leadership Meetings – ASH was one of a small group of leaders in the health community invited to the White House to discuss the impact of cuts on research. ASH staff also met with key Congressional leadership to discuss NIH funding.

Letter to the Editor Campaign – ASH organized a campaign to submit letters-to-the-editor to local newspapers while Members of Congress were back in their home districts and states. Letters were published in papers across the country during the height of the campaign season.

Fight for HematologyDuring the 2012 annual meeting, ASH will implement a sweeping advocacy campaign to avert funding cuts scheduled to begin in January 2013. The goal of the campaign is to have all ASH volunteers on standing and scientific committees and as many ASH meeting participants as possible to send an email to their Representative and Senators.

Additional materials, comment letters, testimony concerning ASH advocacy related to NIH funding can be found on the ASH website.

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