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Joseph F. Ross (1910 - 1990)

Joseph F. Ross was a once a pioneering blood researcher, who, along with Dr. Clement Finch, worked to develop a new method for blood preservation that protected the viability of red blood cells during World War II. Dr. Ross received the Presidential Certificate of Merit from President Harry Truman for his contribution.

Born in Azuas, California, Dr. Ross received his medical degree from Harvard Medical School. During his career, he taught at Harvard University, the University of Rochester, and Boston University before going to the University of California - Los Angeles in 1954. Dr. Ross spent more than 30 years of his career in nuclear medicine.

Dr. Ross was a founding member of the American Board of Nuclear Medicine. He also served as president of ASH in 1962.

Oral History

Learn more about Dr. Ross by reading his oral history transcript.

Authored Blood Articles

Dr. Ross published several articles in the Society's journal Blood.


An obituary on Dr. Ross published by The University of California.

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