American Society of Hematology

Legends in Hematology

Many hematologists have been instrumental in the development of ASH and have greatly advanced the field through their numerous contributions. Meet some of these notable leaders profiled as part of ASH's 50th anniversary in 2008 by following the links below to read their profiles and hear their insights about the field and the development of ASH.

Ernest Beutler
Ernest Beutler
William B_ Castle
William B. Castle
Barry S_ Coller
Barry S. Coller
C Lockard Conley
C. Lockard Conley
Eugene P Cronkite
Eugene P. Cronkite
William Dameshek
William Dameshek
Earl W Davie
Earl W. Davie
Louis J Diamond
Louis K. Diamond
Volker Diehl
Volker Diehl
Clement A Finch
Clement A. Finch
Eliane Gluckman
Eliane Gluckman
Norman N_ Iscove
Norman N. Iscove
Leon Jacobson
Leon Jacobson
Ernst R_ Jaffe
Ernst R. Jaffé
James H Jandl
James H. Jandl
YW Kan
Y.W. Kan
Robert Kyle
Robert Kyle
Kenneth G_ Mann
Kenneth G. Mann
Pier Mannucci
Pier Mannucci
Aaron J Marcus
Aaron J. Marcus
Donald Metcalf
Donald Metcalf
William C Moloney
William C. Moloney
David G Nathan
David G. Nathan
Stuart H Orkin
Stuart H. Orkin
Helen M_ Ranney
Helen M. Ranney
Samuel I Rapaport
Samuel I. Rapaport
Oscar D Ratnoff
Oscar D. Ratnoff
Joseph F Ross
Joseph F. Ross
Janet D Rowley
Janet D. Rowley
R Wayne Rundles
R. Wayne Rundles
Robert F Schilling
Robert F. Schilling
E Donnall Thomas
E. Donnall Thomas
James L Tullis
James L. Tullis
Dirk van Bekkum
Dirk van Bekkum
Ralph O Wallerstein
Ralph O. Wallerstein
William J Williams
William J. Williams
Maxwell M Wintrobe
Maxwell M. Wintrobe
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