American Society of Hematology

Committee on Quality

Committee Roster

Lisa Kristine Hicks, MD, MSc ('19)

Appointed Members
Nathan Theodore Connell, MD,MPH ('18)
Adam Cuker, MD, MS ('21)
Mary Cushman, MD ('19)
Joshua Field, MD ('21)
Nicola Goekbuget, MD ('18)
Vishal Kukreti, MD,FRCP,MSc ('20)
Wendy Lim, MD ('19)
Navneet S. Majhail, MD, MS ('18)
Sarah H. O'Brien, MD ('20)
Julie A. Panepinto, MD, MSPH ('19)
Anita Rajasekhar, MD ('20)
Ashley E. Rosko, MD ('18)
Elizabeth J. Shpall, MD ('21)
John J. Strouse, MD, PhD ('19)
William A. Wood, MD, MPH ('21)

Ex Officio Members
Stephanie J. Lee, MD, MPH ('20) - Vice President
Roy L. Silverstein, MD ('19) - President-Elect
Alexis Thompson, MD, MPH ('18) - President

Gregory Abel, MD ('19) - Committee on Communications
Steven L. Allen, MD ('19) - Executive Committee
Heidi Klepin, MD ('18) - Committee on Educational Affairs
Brea C. Lipe, MD ('19) - Committee on Government Affairs
Colleen T. Morton, MD ('18) - Committee on Practice
Menaka Pai, BSc,MD,FRCPC,MSc ('20) - Publications Committee
Julian Sprague, MD, PhD ('19) - Committee on Training

Staff Liaison
Robert M. Plovnick, MD, MS

Committee Mandate

The mission of the Committee on Quality is to promote the highest quality care of patients with hematologic diseases and to ensure that the practice of hematology is characterized by high professional standards, reliance on evidence, and a commitment to quality improvement and patient safety. The Committee promotes an awareness and understanding of the value hematologists contribute to our health care system through a target audience of administrators, regulators, insurers, Congress, government agencies, and the public at large. The Committee integrates quality across ASH activities in close coordination with the Committees on Communications, Educational Affairs, Government Affairs, Practice, and Training Programs, and the Publications Committee.

The Committee on Quality is responsible for overseeing and implementing the Executive Committee-approved quality initiative including but not limited to the development of clinical practice guidelines, pocket guide/mobile apps, quality measures, quality tool kits, programming of the Special Symposium on Quality during the ASH annual meeting, promoting research in quality and health care outcomes among hematologist and others, responding to policy related efforts, and representing the Society at quality forums and meetings.

The Committee on Quality structure includes a Subcommittee on Guideline Development and workgroups responsible for implementing quality activities. The Subcommittee on Guideline Development oversees commissioning and production of clinical practice guidelines. It is also responsible for assessing gaps in hematologic guidelines in order to determine where ASH needs to promulgate new guidelines and where and how ASH might partner and/or endorse guidelines developed by other organizations. Workgroups are created by the Committee on Quality when needed to respond to special projects. The workgroups are composed of interested Committee on Quality members and additional ASH members as appropriate. Workgroups based on current activities include the following:

  • Workgroup on Pocket Guides/Mobile Apps
  • Workgroup on Quality Measure Development
  • Workgroup on Annual Meeting Special Symposium on Quality
  • Workgroup on Choosing Wisely Campaign

In order to allow for continual crosscutting dialogue with other standing committees, the Committee on Quality structure includes liaison positions from the following committees:

  • Committee on Communications
  • Committee on Educational Affairs
  • Executive Committee
  • Committee on Government Affairs
  • Publications Committee
  • Committee on Practice
  • Committee on Training

The Chair of the Committee on Quality serves as a liaison member of the Program Committee and is expected to attend the meetings of that committee.

Members of the Committee on Quality are required to attend two meetings per year (one in the spring or summer and another in the fall) at ASH Headquarters. Committee members also participate in conference calls and workgroups as needed. Committee members may occasionally be called upon to respond to specific requests related to the quality agenda.

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