American Society of Hematology

Awards Committee

Committee Roster

Paul J. Martin, MD ('18)

Vice Chair
Joel S. Bennett, MD ('18)

Appointed Members
Chiara Bonini, MD ('21)
Linda J. Burns, MD ('18)
Maria E. Figueroa, MD ('18)
Christopher Flowers, MD,MS ('19)
Anthony D. Ho, MD, FRCPC ('18)
David J. Kuter, MD ('19)
Charles Johnson Parker, MD ('19)
Sanford J. Shattil, MD ('18)
Karl Welte, MD ('20)

Ruben A. Mesa, MD ('21) - Co-Chair, Global Research Award Subcommittee
Martha P. Mims, MD, PhD ('18) - Chair, Training Awards Subcommittee
Hideaki Nakajima, MD, PhD ('19) - Member, International Members Committee
Betty Pace, MD ('19) - Member, Committee on Promoting Diversity
Pavan Reddy, MD ('20) - Chair, Awards Review Subcommittee
Andrew W. Roberts, MBBS, PhD ('21) - Co-Chair, Global Research Award Subcommittee

Staff Liaison
Patricia Frustace

Committee Mandate

The Awards Committee is responsible for reviewing existing awards programs, monitoring the creation of new programs, assessing criteria and eligibility, and ensuring consistency throughout the programs with regard to evaluation.


The Awards Committee oversees the work of the respective study sections for the ASH Bridge Grant Program, Mentor Awards, and Scholar Awards, evaluates the scientific merit of applications for each program, and makes funding recommendations to the Executive Committee, which serves as the ultimate arbiter when it comes to questions (such as applicant eligibility) that the study sections may have.


Each year, the Awards Committee also recommends a slate of nominees for all major awards and prizes (i.e. honorific awards) for consideration by the Executive Committee. Members of the Awards Committee and voting members of the Executive Committee are ineligible to receive an award during their term on either committee.


The Awards Committee structure includes liaison positions from the committees that have administrative oversight of the existing ASH awards programs, which currently are the International Members Committee, Committee on Promoting Diversity, and Training Awards Subcommittee.  The Co-Chairs of the Awards Review Subcommittee and the Global Research Award Subcommittee also serve as liaison members.


Members of the Awards Committee should have a broad knowledge of historical and recent contributions across the field of hematology in order to adequately contribute to deliberations regarding honorific awards.  Members of the Awards Committee are required to attend two meetings per year: one in the spring or summer at ASH Headquarters and one prior to the ASH annual meeting.

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